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Saigon Photographer Malcolm Wilde Browne Died

by Frank Stoddard, ACS

Malcolm Wilde Browne died this week. He took the picture of the monk burning himself by the Saigon Market in 1963. Many of you were probably in Saigon at that time. Do you remember Madame Nhu’s Bar B_que speech? My son and I saw the automobile the monk used to get to Saigon in 2009 (and which is in the famous photo). The car is located at a pagoda outside of Hue.

Here are some photographs Circa July 16, 1963 of the monk burning himself. These are two from Sarah (Bush) Roger’s collection of 42 pictures of the event. They are marked *USOM Viet Nam Photo – Reproduction Rights Granted*. Sarah found them in her father’s things after her parents passed away. CLOD Studio 33 is in the process of making them into a video to be released in the future. Thank you for sharing these with us Sarah.


CLICK Image for Larger View.

CLICK Image for Larger View


3 comments to Saigon Photographer Malcolm Wilde Browne Died

  • Frank

    Vietnam is the place that had such an impact on my life. I fell in love with a Muslim and later was a combat Marine in the northern part of the country (South Vietnam). I must admit, that i do see today’s world as having much difficulty in coming to terms with itself. When I visited Vietnam in 2009, and was welcomed by a family that had lost a brother, uncle and father to the U.S. military (me), I realized how much we invent things to satisfy our ego. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m guessing I’ll die with this thought.

  • Frank

    Part of the reason I went to Vietnam in 2009 was to get answers. I did not get any! Enough said!

  • Frank

    O.K. please do not ever forget that live is so cooool and wonderful!

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