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Second Generation Saigon Kids In Katmandu

Okay, so you are sitting there wondering what the heck are *Second Generation* Saigon Kids.

Well … they are the off-spring of First Generation Saigon Kids (you know like you are First Generation and your children are Second Generation Saigon Kids). Duh! I guess that wasn’t rocket science – now was it!?! – LOL

Now the story goes like this – once upon a time, back in the good ol’ days around 1960, in a far, far away place called Saigon there lived a loud mouth bratty beer drinking girl chasing Marlboro smoking cussing baseball playing rock n roll dancing teenage kid who thought he was, as Bo Diddley would say, “I’m an M – A – N … mannnnnn!”

Well now … this rebel of an American youth with his *duck tail* hair (did ya ever wonder what’s under a duck tail?? – lol ) was eventually deported from Saigon, for undisclosed reasons, being sent to a Catholic all boy’s boarding school in the USA. Over time he grew up (well aged anyway) fell in love and got married. More time passed (as he aged more) until he was blessed with a wonderful daughter who too grew up met her Prince Charming and got married.

Whereupon the *aged father* made a CD for his Princess and her Prince. One of the songs was – Katmandu – written by Bob Seger in a humorous tone about his desire to disappear for a while after dealing with constant touring and record company politics, using Katmandu to represent a place far, far away where no one could bother him.

Watch video now …

The story continues …

As time went on, the Princess (having her *aged father’s* DNA) started becoming obsessed with the desire to travel around the world – with her Prince, of course.

Soon they left for – Katmandu – and places unknown where they are traveling happily ever after around the world … 🙂

You can follow their – Katmandu – journey by *Clicking Here Now* to travel with them from the USA to the south Pacific and on through Southeast Asia to Napal to Africa to South America and other places known only to them.

Who are the main characters in this story – you ask?

Aged Father – Frank (without *duck tail* hair now – lol)
Princess – The *aged father’s* daughter Jodie
Prince – The *aged father’s* son-in-law Eli

Rock Onnnnn … Saigon Kids – 🙂


PS: I’ve put a link to Jodie and Eli’s Blog over there on the left side Menu – look under *Great Sites* – should you want to continue to travel around the world with them … 🙂

4 comments to Second Generation Saigon Kids In Katmandu

  • frank

    Whats under a D.A.? It took me years to realize what the answer was (is)..a bald spot! lol!!
    Do you really think I chased girls? Ah, 50 years ago this year…Love Ya MAN!! Frank

    • Frank – Yeppers, you chased girls cuz ya had too … cuz they were always running from you … lol


    • Frank – sorry man, I forgot to mention your “bubble gum chewing” – lol – Double Bubble and Bazooka were your gum of choice – LOL. Of course it was always funny when you didn’t dispose of your bubble gum properly … then stepped on it, sticking your shoes to the floor … ha ha ha … 🙂

      Happy 50th!! – (dang! you have AGED!! – lol). And, don’t tell us you are like ‘fine wine’ – ha ha ha – on the other hand, if ya age wine long enough it turns into vinegar … Hmmm? Food for thoughts to ponder. ROFL – 🙂

      Ba Ba Ba
      Ba Muoi Ba
      Ba Ba Ba


      Hey, I bet ya don’t remember our secret ‘hand shake’ – do ya!?!

      Rock Onnnn …. oh aged one … 🙂


  • If you have not checked out Jody and Eli’s Blog lately … you should!

    They are in South America now … after paying the SURPRISE $260 *entry fee* to the country, buying a car and sharing the local version of Frank’s favorite (Ba Muoi Ba) they were last heard from heading North.

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