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Seeking Saigon Kids

by Ken Yeager (ACS)

In my 2012 Christmas letter that many of you received, I included a link to Photobucket where I had posted some photographs and it seems that someone indicated on one of the photos of a young lady the name “Harriet Happy Strong.”  Does that name ring a bell to anyone?  I, sadly to say, do not remember the young ladies name and I certainly should have.  She is not featured in the 1961-62 Gecko so I don’t know if she was just visiting for the summer or what.  Tried Facebook and Google but no hits.  Anyone?????

[ Ken – Click Here for known information about Harriet “Happy” Strong – Bob ]

5 comments to Seeking Saigon Kids

  • Ken – Try contacting Jim Carraway as he seems to have known her. Since most girls from ACS got married their last name changed. It is easier to locate them if you know their parents names and occupation, names of brothers and sisters (if any), time frame they were in Saigon, where they lived before coming to Saigon, where they went to after departing Saigon, other Saigon Kids they hung out with while in Saigon, what State/City they called home, what college they were planning to attend (if any), what they were planning to study in college, etc. etc. … the more bits and pieces of information you gather, the more data bases you’ll have available to search on the Internet. It is rare you’ll locate someone through only searching Google or Facebook, etc. particularly women due to name changing when getting married. Happy hunting!


    PS: There is a Harriet A. Strong listed as living on Falcon Trial, in Copperas Cove, TX 76522. Age listed as Female in late 60’s. No current listed phone number available. There is also a Harriet Strong age 69 listed as living in or having in the past lived in: Spring, TX, West Palm Beach, FL, Ansonia, CT, Santa Fe, NM, Lake Worth, FL. Try searching white page telephone directories (online) in those cities for Harriet A. Strong. If you find a telephone number call it. It just might be “Happy” – 🙂

  • Carolyn Cathey Castelli

    Is there a way to electronically publish the Gecko yearbook from 1964 (I’m assuming there was not a yearbook i 1965 as dependents had to leave VN). I was only at ACS for the fall of semester of 1964 but I would love to put names with faces of some who would have been in 9th grade by the fall of 1964.

    • Carolyn – The 1964 Gecko is in the Photo Gallery. Look on the *Left Menu* area of this page and click the link to the Photo Gallery to view it. If you’ve not previously Registered for access to the Photo Gallery, you’ll need to before accessing it. The Registration tab is located at the top of the Login page. Just click it and follow the registration instructions. I’m in contact with a Saigon Kid who has copies of the 1964 and 1965 Gecko’s. As time permits I’ll be digitizing them to provide a better copy of the 1964 Gecko, and a copy of the 1965. I also have the 1963 Gecko on the longggggggggggggggggggggggg list of things to do for the site.


  • Paul Shaffer

    Harriet Happy Strong was in my Geometry class 1964-1965 at ASU until dependents were evacuated. She was in 11th grade at that time and is in my copy of the 1965 Gecko. Everyone left in such a hurry in February 1965 that I lost track of most friends.
    Paul Shaffer, Albuquerque, NM

  • Carolyn Cathey Castelli

    Thanks, Bob, for the instructions to the Photo Gallery. I will register and take a look! You’ve done so much for us so no pressure to digitize the Gecko!

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