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Shift Happens – Did You Know In 2009

To put these last two videos in perspective – think back to manual typewriters and mimeograph machines that were state of the art back at ACS and in Saigon in the 1950/60s – WOW!

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If they video is going too fast for you to read, click the “pause” button located at the bottom left of the video player. Click it to pause the video, then click it again to continue viewing the video.

3 comments to Shift Happens – Did You Know In 2009

  • brooks toland kasson

    thanks, bob, for bringing up how fast i am getting behind. i actually still own (and use) a selectric. it’s true that i also use a computer, but i marvel at the simplicity of a real typewriter.
    i just opened a facebook account, but don’t really know what to do with it. i’m much happier doing physical things than head things, tho i’m determined to keep up with all the techie changes that are happening.
    anyway, if i knew how to post an update to my name, as listed to the right, i would. but i don’t. so i won’t.

    • Admin

      Howdy Brooks 🙂 … thanks for stopping by. Good to see you here.

      Don’t even try to keep up with the techie stuff … lol … it changes faster then the speed of light … lol

      Ahh … a “Selectric” now that is vintage … lol … about 5 years ago I finally tossed my OLD OLD OLD Royal manual typewriter simply because there is nobody who knows how to repair them anymore … LOL 🙂

      Rock ON …


      PS: Ask a 6 year old what to do with FaceBook … LOL … they know … ha ha ha 🙂

  • Burt

    You folks are all talking about MODERN typewriters! I still have my granddad’s ancient LC Smith No. 5 typewriter(he acquired it in the 1920s) just as he left it in a ‘secret’ pop up compartment in his old roll top desk. This cast iron framed typewriter retails nowadays for around $900.00. It weighs 31 pounds +/-. I don’t use it anymore even though it works just fine ’cause I can’t find ribbons for it and I’m tired of the messy business of re-inking the just-about-worn-out one that I still have. All four of my kids enjoyed ‘practicing’ typing on it, each in their day. They liked opening up the desk’s ‘secret’ compartment. You REALLY have to POUND the keys to get any result. But, it was very good at cutting stencils for the mimeograph machine, which Grandp did for many years in getting out his annual holiday letter.



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