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Slide Show: Memories of Saigon and Viet-nam

Saigon Kid Steve Pryplesh brings us this awesome slide show presentation.

He got it from and old Army buddy of his. It is quite a collection of pictures of Cap St-Jacques (Vung Tau), Saigon, Cho Lon and other sites around Viet-nam.

They brought back many memories for Steve of 1959-61, 1971-72, and a visit with his wife a few years ago – I’m sure they’ll do he same for you too! – 🙂


Click Here to rekindle some memories.


To view the individual pictures with *titles* – Click Here.

Note: The titles are in Vietnamese. Use an online translator if you don’t read Vietnamese.

This is an awesome collection!

Thank you so very much for your wonderful contribution, Steve. Very much appreciated.


7 comments to Slide Show: Memories of Saigon and Viet-nam

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    The photos make me “home” sick…really great collection. While not familar with Vung Tau, the Saigon photos were top notch.

  • Sarah J Rogers

    Wow, great photos-both Saigon and Vung Tau. I remember that sleepy little town with the lovely beaches-the one place we did not re-visit.

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore

    Great shots of the past and lots of memories with the Saigon pictures. I’ll have to view it again but slowing it down to just a picture at a time. Makes me want to go through all my dads old slides of Vietnam. Thanks Steve.


  • Peter Brownell

    What a treat. Brings back so many really great memories. Especially fun to see Vung Tau. Mega fun memories of vacations spent there.


    Peter Brownell
    Williston, VT

    • Phil Gullion

      Hi Peter,
      We may have met at the Boat Inspections at the marina in Charlotte. I currently live in Colchester. I was in school in Vietnam from 1955-1957 (I think) and left to go to Korea and later Laos. When were you there?-phil

  • I had the same reaction as Ruth. I should get out, go through Dad’s old slides and do something with them. It, too, is quite a collection,and I hope they are labeled!!! Perhaps life will calm down just a bit so I can organize and share Dad’s pictures of Saigon and VietNam with the Saigon Kids.
    Hope all is well with you all!

  • Maile Doyle

    Finally had a chance to sit and view these. It really is amazing. My stay was mostly in Saigon with a quick trip to Nha Trang & Dalat in the two years we were there, but my husband was stationed in Vung Tao in 1968 and loved that beautiful city. I had the same reaction as Ruth & Suellen…I have lost both my parents, but hope we have my father’s slides somewhere! I would love to look at them again, too. Thanks for the memories…:-)

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