September 2023
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Social Bookmarks Added To Blog

For those of you who are into Social Bookmarking and Networking – you know … Face Book, Tweeter, Digg It, Buzz Up, My Space, etc. – I’ve added a new feature to our Blog. Now below each Post you’ll see Icons for all the most popular Social Bookmarking and Networking sites.

If you hover your mouse over them the list of Icons will expand to show all 54 Icons.

Select and click on the Icon for the Social or Network site [such as Face Book] you want to share the Post at then follow the prompts to share it on your social or network site.

Click the Tweeter Icon if you want to send a Tweet about a Post.

Hold your mouse pointer over the bottom right area of the Icons and a window will open with the name of the Social/Network site for each Icon.

To subscribe to the RSS feed for the Comments of a Post click on the first Icon (top left position) to add the RSS feed to your Feed Reader.

“Email To A Friend” – the 2nd Icon (the one to the right of the RSS Icon) is currently disabled because of function problems. It will be activated once some bugs are worked out of it.

More upgrades and features coming soon …

Enjoy! 🙂


1 comment to Social Bookmarks Added To Blog

  • Frederika Dean

    How do I access my profile page (Fairly new with this)Also would like to leave comment on blog–I mean orig. comment—not comment reply to a comment.

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