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Sondra Shankey-Ewell says …

Our parents, Mona & Gus Shankey, sister Vicki and I arrived in Saigon in October, 1958.

Vicki and I went to ACS from then until Sept.1959 when we started at the Singapore American School. I entered as a junior and Vicki entered as Freshman/Sophomore.

I graduated in July, 1962 and returned stateside to go to college. Graduated in May 1967 from Stonehill College, No. Easton, Massachusetts I worked for 5 years as an Actuarial Calculator with Prudential Insurance in Boston.

Met my great husband and friend Mel Ewell and we married in Sept. 1969.
We have 4 wonderful children and 1 grandson (Logan DOB July 29,2007).

Vicki moved from Puerto Rico to Massachusetts in 1971 to be near her niece/namesake, our oldest daughter, Vicki Ewell, and is still here living with her husband, Bob Ouellette, in Plymouth, MA.

When our children were all in school full time, I opened a Coffee Shoppe and Bakery in walking distance from home and had wonderful years there until I sold it in 1998.

Until last year I worked with/for my sister, Vicki, at the Office of the Superintendent of Norwell Public Schools. I retired and Vicki is still there.

I am amazed to have encapsulated my life (63 yrs.) so quickly, but must admit I wouldn’t change much of it if given the chance.

Our years in Saigon and Singapore were so very short yet so very long-seeming that, just like most of you, it seems like a short time ago.

Christy and Alan Kent, Roy and Bobby McDonald, the Smith kids (Cheryl, Donna and Larry), Mike and Glenn Parker, and so many more

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  • Admin

    Welcome to our Blog!

    Great to hear from you and see you here in the Blogosphere.

    Have a fantastic day!


  • Kim Loughran

    I’d like to get in touch with Sondra Shankey-Ewell who has posted on your blog. We dated in Singapore in about 1960. Could you pass on my email address? Many thanks.

  • Mike Parker

    I would like Sondra’s E-mail address. We were “steadies” during my time in Saigon, 1958-61.

    Would very much like to talk to her about “old times”.


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