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Submitted by Donal O’Callaghan (Friend)

ObituariesI am a friend of Steve Johnson.

Friends of Steve on this site may be interested to know that Steve has passed away, a few days ago (on or about September 8, 2017), after a 4-year battle with colon cancer.

I would love to hear from those who knew Steve, to share stories of his times in Saigon.


Donal OCallaghan, Cork, Ireland



  • Donal,

    Thank you for the information about Steve’s passing. I’m sure those Saigon Kids who knew him will leave their comments (and stories) about him.

    R.I.P. Steve.


  • Cathie Mcintyre

    Dear Donal, I am so sorry to learn this sad news! We knew Steve was ill, but I did not expect his death to come so quickly. I hope Steve did not suffer much.
    Steve was our “glue.” He kept the Saigon Kids together. Just two,weeks ago, there was a Saigon Kids reunion in Maine. My sister Lynn went, but I did not go because I am in Serbia.

  • brooks kasson

    dear donal,
    i am so sorry for your loss, penny’s loss, and all those who knew steve. he was a fine man and a hilarious classmate.
    i knew him when he was a junior and senior in saigon. i was two years younger than he was.
    i snuck out of the house a lot so i could go to the kids’ parties and hang out with the big kids, and steve often favored me with his ascerbic wit and comments. for reasons which i will not name in this public forum, he called me “bottlecaps” and, if i remember correctly, his nickname was “ratso”. i don’t know the origin of steve’s nickname, though i am thoroughly embarrassed to know the origin of mine. i connected wholeheartedly with steve again at our first reunion in phoenix. i loved that his quick mind and open heart had continued to blossom. i feel sure that he shared that with everyone he knew. i wonder if i am able to post steve’s senior yearbook picture here…i’ll try…in any case, my deep condolences to penny and all who got to know steve in his more adult years. brooks toland kasson

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore

    Dear Donal,

    So sorry to hear of Steve’s passing and I send my condolences to those who were close to him in Ireland as well as the US. Do you know if his brother Jeff is still alive, and if so, what is his email? A group of us were at a Saigon Kids Reunion in Maine from Sept. 5-7 and checking out on morning of the 8, so maybe Steve’s spirit was also there. Steve and I were two of the six seniors who graduated in 1962 and I believe I have a picture of our graduation. I always liked him as he was fun to be with and our small group of American dependents in Saigon was a pretty close group. The guys can update you on Steve’s athletic abilities and other adventures of teenage boys in Saigon!
    Ruth Matteson Blackmore

  • sarah j rogers

    I am so sad to hear of Steve’s death. He seemed immortal to me.
    As seniors we ruled the American Community School (in our minds). If he was President of something, I would be VP and visa versa.
    One of my favorite memories of Steve is when he came to our house for a costume party dressed as the New Year Baby in a diaper and sash. Only Steve.
    Aloha to you Steve, until we meet again.

  • brooks kasson

    i think jeff died a few years back, if i remember correctly…

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