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SUNDAY IN GERMANY: Letter from the Village

By Ken Yeager (ACS)

I haven’t been online with the desktop so much since I bought my iPad but I still check in every evening to see what is new on this site, which unfortunately, isn’t a lot. It seems that some folks are just not interested in connecting with old (not age-wise) friends, but just want to get along in today’s world, such as it is.

Not a lot to write about on this side of the pond unless I get into the refugee situation. As my wife and I look out our kitchen window, we can see a construction site for refugees being put up. I suspect it will be ready in about 3 or 4 weeks and will become home for about 24 folks. There are other refugee sites scattered around our little village but I have to say I have not seen too many of them, probably because we do not shop where many of them will. Just a couple of blocks away is a deep discount food store and we just to not patronize those kinds of places but obviously the refugees will want to maximize their buying power so that’s where they will shop. I am pretty sympathetic to refugees from Syria and Iraq but much less so for the economic refugees which are mostly Africans, not that their life in their home country is anything to write home about…..I know how bad it can be in some of the African counties having spent 8 years in sub-Saharan countries.

Let no one deny Global Warming. This has been one really weird winter with very little winter weather for any sustained period. Very little snow. The weather is so screwed up that the crocuses are already blooming.

Looking forward to our upcoming US trip, especially to see my family in Florida. It’s been four years since I was last back in Florida to see my son and sister and their families. Also looking forward to visiting some of the National Parks in the western part of the US. Suggestions for places to visit are welcome.

OK, my two cents for the time being. Regards to all, be safe and look out for motorcycle riders.


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  • Ken – Good to hear from you and that all is well with you. Yeah, I’ve heard there is a lot of *hot air* in your area – LOL – 🙂

    Be sure to book reservations well in advance for the National Parks. Particularly during the summer months. The tourist are like sardines in a can at all the National Parks and prices sky rocket.

    If you take a road trip departing Florida on the Southern Route to California, then up the coast and take the Northern Route coming back East, you can visit almost all of the National Parks in the Western States along the way. Then go on to the Big Apple (NYC) and head south through D.C. back to Forida along the Blue Ridge down through the Smoky’s to Florida.

    The *Burma Shave* signs are gone … but, you can still “See the USA in your Chevrolet” … LOL – 🙂

    Rock Onn … Bob

    PS: You might want to plan your trip to catch the 76th Annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis – 🙂

    • Kenneth R. Yeager

      Our plan is early spring with the whole idea of missing the Summer Mobs. Of course, weather is always a concern and we are having to plan for cold weather in Colorado and warm and wet in Florida. The real adventure will be living in an RV for three weeks vice our comfortable three bedroom house with all of the things that make a house a home. But I assume we will survive…at least no grass to cut for a few weeks, but I know I’ll get stuck with doing two lawns (neighbors) for the rest of the summer….bummer. Just think, the West, open roads and NO motorcycle. Actually that problem could be resolved but I can forego it for the time in the US. RV part will start and end in Phoenix, AZ, then fly to FL before returning to the lands of growth hormone and antibiotic-laden free meat. And of course, my wife will suffer greatly without her German breads, something that ALL repeat ALL Germans complain about regarding the USA when they return. But I, a red-blooded American/Brit will again really enjoy hamburgers, barbecue, tacos, grits, hash browns, meatloaf and other typical American fodder that one doesn’t easily find in Germany. Will keep all posted on our adventure.

      • Ken – Sounds like a great adventure you have planned. RV’s are the way to go! Mount a *Dash Cam* in the RV … stream it to the Cloud so we can stream it on the website … You’ll be able to take all the SKs along with you seeing the sights – LOL.

        What size RV will you be traveling in … Class A, B or C? Today’s RV’s have all the conveniences of home. They are a great way to travel around.

        Rock Onnn… (or should I say *Roll Onnn…* — LOL – 🙂 )

  • Barbara L Parker

    Great hearing from you on this site. Thanks for sharing your different perspective from “your side of the pond”. I do do appreciate it.

    We are in Florida,in Cocoa Beach. If you get down this way please call. We would love to take you and your wife to dinner and have some super conversation.

    Wishing you well,


    • Kenneth R. Yeager

      @ Bootsie. We won’t be too far away. We will be staying in Mims (sisters place) which is about 20 min. north of Titusville. In addition to immediate family and a few cousins to see, will try to make some time. How about sending me your telephone number. send to , please.

  • Mimi

    Ken, if you have not been to Grand Canyon yet, do not miss it. It is only 3 hours from Phoenix and it is unbelievable. I went last year after the SK reunion and did not regret it. I, who is not a believer, thought for half a second that whoever did that magnificient landscape was inspired.
    Have a nice trip.

    • Kenneth R. Yeager

      @ Mimi, thanks for the advice although that is already planned as our first stop. My wife did a number of the national parks when she emigrated to the US back in the 60’s and said now its time that I, the American in the family, see some of my own country. Being an Army brat, I lived mostly in the east or overseas (Baghdad and Saigon) and then the Army and Foreign Service so I’ve probably spend over half of my life outside of the US. So its time to see the USA but not in a Chevrolet but in an RV. Just hope we don’t freeze our backsides off. A friend did the same trip in about the same time frame and woke up one morning with snow 30cm deep….we don’t need that. Cheers.

      • Kevin L. Wells


        The return from Saigon took us by the Grand Canyon in early May of 1962, and it was snowing in Flagstaff, so you may want to put at least a sweater and a raincoat in your plans.

        Have a good trip!


      • Ken – Best brace yourself for snow, hail, sleet storms, and bring warm winter wear – :). Most of the higher mountain parks will usually have winter weather well into May and June (sometimes even July at higher elevations). You might want to get an extra space heater to take in the RV, as the built-in one’s in most RV don’t keep it very warm inside due to the thin walls and minimum insulation in the walls, roof and floors. Unless of course you enjoy waking up with *frost on your beard* … LOL – 🙂


    • Mimi – During the summer of 1962 I worked at the Kaibab Lodge on the North rim of the canyon. My job was to take mule trains of tourist down to the bottom of the canyon and back up again. Going down into the canyon is even more awesomely magnificent then the views from the rim … very spiritual would be an understatement – 🙂


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