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Sunday In Germany: More Rantings…

Submitted by Ken Yeager (ACS)

I haven’t been very active on this site for quite a while but the same can be said for many others….have we run out of things to talk about? Well, being the mouthy type, I suppose I can add a few worthless comments to help pass the time.

My wife and I have now been retired for 13 years or at least partially since I did some part time work between 2005 and 2010. Now fully retired and passing the time visiting family and friends in Germany, ride the motorcycle, gardening and generally relaxing…isn’t that what retirement is supposed to be about…not just waiting to die, which, of course, will happen and without an appointment.
Our little dorf (village) is a kind of boring place of about 9000 people. We have the usual assortment of stores but not a lot of any type in particular. Three churches, no mosque or temple, two elementary schools and one high school, three U-Bahn (metro) stations and two gas stations. We had a small wine fest a few weeks ago which was nice and, for a change, over a dry weekend. Not sure but I think there were three or four wine vendors that travelled up from the wine areas around Frankfurt. We tasted a few but we order most of our wines from wineries that we know and have done business with for years. We drink mostly whites but I enjoy red wine too. Not to say I don’t enjoy good beer and the occasional drink of scotch, rum or vodka..no gin thanks, gives me headaches. Oh, we also have five restaurants (three Italian, one Greek, one “international” and a couple of fast-food type joints, one specializing in roast chicken and one Turkish “doner.” Oh and one ice cream place. The best place to eat close by is in the next little village called the Alte Schule (old school) which is indeed in an old school building converted to a restaurant and with an add on, a hotel. We’ve spend many a New Year’s Eve in the restaurant and hotel. The restaurant is excellent but a bit too fancy for this meat and potatoes type of guy.

For shopping, we buy in various places…a twice weekly open market for fresh foods in Volksdorf about 15 minutes away by car, various things including clothing in Ahrensburg 7-10 minutes away by car and then, of course, shopping for those special things in Hamburg which as you all know is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin. The recent G20 meeting in Hamburg did not affect us as we were on Sylt at that time. We were as shocked as others at the violence that some of the far leftist protestors carried out. There must be elements of society that just like to destroy things….looting stores, burning cars..why? what is to be gained by doing that except for causing the government to have to make right for all of the damages with taxpayers money. Frankly I think these summits are a total waste of money….the German government came out before the summit with a cost estimate of € 130 million and for what? A gab fest that probably accomplished nothing but required 14,000 police officers. Hamburg will never host such a meeting again. The people in this city rejected the idea of hosting a summer Olympics which in my humble opinion was a good thing…it seems it is always the taxpayer that winds up footing the bill for these extravaganzas. In the mean time, Hamburg has an affordable apartment shortage.

Haven’t seen or read much on the next possible SK get together Is that still in the works? I don’t plan a US return trip for three more years UNLESS my son gets married before than…that will change our plans.

So know you know that Yeager is still alive and kicking although not as high as previously. Motorcycle has 25,000 miles on it in 12 years (remember, it gets cold here in Germany during the winter), we bought a one year old Tiguan this year, trading in our 2012 after getting what we think was a good deal, we are both in reasonably good health although colds have laid us pretty low just recently. And our vacation on Sylt this year was pretty awful thanks to the weather…still it was somewhat enjoyable nonetheless. Happy to be home now.

Stay safe everyone. Until the next adventure in writing.


2 comments to Sunday In Germany: More Rantings…

  • Ken – Thank you for the update on what you’ve been up to. Good to hear you and your wife are doing well and enjoying life.

    Rock Onnnn…


  • Kathy Dobronyi

    Nice to get an update, Ken. Things are a little different here in Florida. People ride motorcycles year round.

    I also live in a small town, Inverness in a small county that has a chain of lakes, seven rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico. Good place if you love water which my husband and I do.

    We retired here in 2003 because of the water and library system. It’s excellent for a Podunk county. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer to make lives and the environment better. No time to be bored.

    Frankly, I am shocked there isn’t more protest against injustice in the world. Most people do not destroy for shits and giggles. Most destroy because of anger against injustice that continues because sane and just methods are being ignored by those in power. Who will be the voice of the people? Who will take a stand to promote justice?

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