September 2023
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By Ken Yeager (ACS)

Solar EclipseToday northern Germany experienced a partial solar eclipse which I didn’t really see since I didn’t have the appropriate eye protection and burning out my corneas was not on my program given that the motorcycle season starts on April first. The iron horse will be returned to me on the 1st and I am most anxious to mount up and ride except for the fact that it is still damn cold outside. We’ve had some nice weather but the chill has yet to really break for an extended time.

Hamburg has been selected as the German bid site for the 2024 Olympics which many Hamburgers thinks is a good thing. I am not a Hamburger but at the same time I think having the Olympics is a major waste of money. OK, the sportsmen and women won’t think so but that is because they are out for the glory and the money. And I am not a regular German taxpayer but as we all know, in the end, it’s the taxpayer that gets the shaft when the bills come due, regardless of what the politicians and business people say upfront. My gripe, which really isn’t important since the games are for 2024 and I just might be dead by then, is that the total inconvenience of having untold thousands of people added to the already busy streets and sidewalks of Hamburg, blocking access to the decent restaurants and I know the streams of people will extend out this way despite the fact that we are 26 KMS from downtown Hamburg. We are on the subway system and lots of folks will be looking for less expensive hotel rooms, restaurants, etc and it will stretch out to here and of course, prices will triple during the games which I think is just gouging and should be against the law but isn’t because it also means more taxes coming into the national treasury. So I hope that in the end, Syria or Iran get the games and Hamburg will just stay nice and quiet the way we like it.

As I noted above, spring has not completely sprung. Yes, the crocuses are in full bloom and the bushes have buds on them and the birds seem to be mating up and looking for vacancies on the bird house market, but it is still cold. On the other hand, today is only the 20th of March which means it can still snow like hell although none is in the forecast. I want an nice warm, long and sufficiently dry summer.

I don’t know how many of you look at Facebook….I wish I would never have started but I do find some interesting articles to read and I do like to know what some of my friends, family, acquaintances are doing. As to the politics in the US, there are times I just want to vomit. When one reads about some of the really asinine comments and proposals some of the politicians make, not just in Washington, but in the state legislatures as well, one wonders if these people have any common sense at all. I know, it all depends on your political prospective but some things are just plain stupid. And so far, I AM NOT overly impressed with some of the potential candidates for president. And Congress in general is just a continuing joke. If we had a dictatorship in the US, Jon Stewart would be out of the job because he gets most of his materials from the idiots we call members of Congress. Unbelievable. Germans scratch their head over what happens in the US. They think we are all nuts and I’m inclined to agree with them. How can the US be a world leader with these idiots? I have to say I miss the US in a lot of ways but on the other hand, I like it here. Nice house, no GMO foods or meats loaded with hormones and antibiotics, great beer and wines, oh and did I mention the exchange rate makes living her much less expensive. If you have ever thought about a trip to Europe, now is a good time to come over…today the dollar is worth about 92 euro cents. A few months ago it was about 78 cents so you can see a big difference.

Ok, enough for today. I wish everyone a very nice and enjoyable weekend.



  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Have you thought about renting out your house if Hamburg is chosen for the Olympics? You might make a pretty penny while vacationing in some quiet sunny spot.

    Enjoy your Spring. Our azaleas have burst into bloom this week and our yard is a riot of hot pink flowers. If the heavy rains hold off, we should be able to enjoy them for a few weeks or so.

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    No way would I want strangers staying in my house, regardless of how much money I could make off the idea. The Olympics are a long way off, and as I said, I might be dead by then so I shall not worry about it. Personally, I find the whole idea of the Olympics a waste of time and money. But hey, I’m an old grouch anyway.

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