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Susan Canavan (Phoenix Study Group) Shares Saigon Memories

Submitted by Susan Canavan

I attended second grade at Phoenix Study group…and then school was closed and my Mom attempted home schooling, we pretty much stayed indoors and fought each other and played “refugee”. Family game we made up , my brother sister and I spent hours “packing” to flee and then went around our outdoor kitchen where neighborhood ladies gathered and chewed beetle nut, and we kids pretended to beg…What they must have thought of us weird American kids with time to hang around pestering them, yikes.

I would be really open to sharing memories and stories, many of my memories are oddly happy but like most kids of that time and place, they don’t really translate so well …its certainly interesting to think about the impact those two years had on shaping me and my life. I grew up in Singapore and attended SAS, I now live in San Francisco where I was born.I have visited Vietnam a few times, first in 1996, still mystified fascinated and wildly sentimental about all that is Vietnam and her beautiful people.

2 comments to Susan Canavan (Phoenix Study Group) Shares Saigon Memories

  • Mike Erickson

    I am in contact with numerous former students of PSG (various years) if you are interested. My e-mail is listed in the SaigonKids directory if you are a member. I am also on Facebook and there is a Facebook group for PSG. -Michael Erickson

  • Susan Canavan

    HI Mike
    Very Interested..I remember a few kids but not by name , except Andrea Watson my very best friend in 2nd grade…would have been 66/67. I will check out your face Facebook..thank you for making contact!

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