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Teacher Tells Students: Look For The Best “Bang for the Buck” When Picking Spouse

by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

Today I substitute taught for my friend Carlos. I do not teach very often anymore.

Carlos asked me if wanted to put on a film for the students to watch or talk.

Classes today were only 28 minutes long because of teacher in-service. I told Carlos I could B.S. for 28 minutes. He said, you know how to to B.S. all day. I think he meant that has a compliment. HeHe!

In 3rd period, “ class” I made a Freudian slip.

We were comparing how economic decisions could be compared to how we make social decisions. ? i.e. Dating and marriage decisions maybe similar to picking a wife or husband.

I said we are always looking for the best “Bang for the Buck”!

The minute I said it I realize my mistake.

I know I turned red and about half the class started laughing. (the other half were either asleep or not listening – I can put people to sleep – I even did that to some of my dates back in the 50’s and 60’s…Ha!).

I wonder if I’ll get fired for that. Oh Well!!! I must admit I meant well, but it came out wrong (or was it right?).

Of course, I know, that my friend Carlos, looks at me as his older brother. I had mentioned before that his brother Frank was killed by a sniper near Khe Sanh (Click Here to learn more).

1 comment to Teacher Tells Students: Look For The Best “Bang for the Buck” When Picking Spouse

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Substitute teaching is fraught with danger. I did it for a while when I was a young teacher waiting for my husband to enter Officer’s Basic and during his Ranger School. Frank, I think if that is the worst thing you ever say in someone else’s class, you are doing well.
    I substitute taught in a high school English class where, unknown to me at the time, my future brother-in-law was a student. He never let me forget some of the mistakes I made that day. Guess I was pretty bad as a novice teacher, at least in his Sophomoric mind.
    Carlos was lucky to have someone of your caliber take his class for a day. Teaching is hard enough these days, “subbing” deserves combat pay.
    Congrats for survivingto tell the tale!

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