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Thanksgiving — Giving Thanks

by Admin

It’s been about 5 decades since we spent Thanksgiving together in Saigon. How the time flies.

How are you spending Thanksgiving 2013?

What are you doing for others less fortunate then us this Thanksgiving?

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving full of *Giving Thanks* for all the blessings you’ve received — and they are many when you stop to count them!

Have a fantastic Holiday Season.

10 comments to Thanksgiving — Giving Thanks

  • Sarah Rogers

    Aloha Bob and all,
    Thanks for the cute video on travel in Vietnam! Always makes me smile to see those loaded mopeds.

    I am thrilled to be giving back this year by going on a medical mission with a group called GO HAWAII. I leave for Bangkok on Friday and from there into Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). One of the few countries in S.E. Asia I have not gone to. We will be running a clinic for 11 days and treating those that wish to ‘treated”. Our contact in Burma is expecting about 400 people. I get to be the (fake!) pharmacist and office clerk. (We are running a tight ship). I have been packing pills in little bags for a month now. There will be two doctors.

    After the mission is finished, I am going to take eight days to check out some of the countryside and see some of the tourist spots including Bagan, Inlie Lake and Yangoon. I am so excited!

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Dear Bob and ol’ Saigon Friends~

    Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be at my sisters’in Katy, Texas (on the west side of Houston) with all the extended Oliver family for turkey, cornbread dressing, pumpkin pie and everything in-between!

    Of course there will be football on the TV, but since they have now discontinued playing the annual Texas A&M Aggie vs. Texas Longhorn game Thanksgiving football games are not as exciting as before. You might remember this was the big game in the movie, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” Back in “the day” the winner of the UT/A&M game got to have an evening of entertainment at the “Chicken Ranch.” Quite an incentive for victory!

    Saigon memories of Thanksgiving include the year we had the Canadian guests who had to go back to work after lunch was over. This was my first realization that America was the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving and Pilgrims.

    HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO EVERYONE! Lots of love to all.

  • Laurie Methven

    Am envious of you Sarah Rogers! As for me I am up in Canada on an animal rescue mission> I’m a certified EARS (EmergencyAnimalRescueService) volunteer. Humane Society/Canada was short on volunteers and I knew it would be worse over Thxgiving – so here I am 🙂 – helping care for about 100 dogs left in the woods :(. Rewarding work – its my 4th ‘deployment’ as they call it.

    We will all be eating vegetarian 🙂

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    It is kinda cold here in north Germany on Thanksgiving day. Today I am a batchelor while my lovely wife is undergoing some tests at one of the Hamburg Hospitals but she should be home tomorrow. So we sort of celebrated Thanksgiving a few days early with roast goose which is in “season” right now in Germany. They refer to it as Saint Martins Gans. And now that cold weather is upon us, we recently enjoyed Gruenkohl, Speck and Kockwurst (green kale, unsliced smoked bacon and a particular type of sausage). A typical north German dish which is really, really good.
    Despite the fact that the Mrs is not beside me right now, we still both want to wish everyone a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Enjoy your blessings.

  • H. Clark

    Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Holiday with loved ones and make memories. Like them or not, where they might have been, memories stay with you forever and the reason we count our blessings we enjoyed. I still have fond memories of riding my aqua/white color moped in my youth!!! I got to go places and enjoyd many visits with friends with it, buzzing around the Cathedral in the evenings with them where there was no traffic. It required certain skills to ride your moped being a young lady. The memories and blessings never stopped when counting them…

  • frank

    Sarah and Laurie, You are both giving back to society. Wow! How special. I would also like to send a message to say I am Thankful for my Saigon Years and friends.

  • frank

    Ken, I hope your wife is doing O.K.. Tomorrow, we will take a three hour drive to Phoenix for my wife’s doctor check up on Monday morning. As we get older, we often run into obstacles that we did not dream about when we were young.
    This evening, even thou we are not big sport nuts, we will be watching the U of A vrs. ASU football game on TV. Last night we were happy to see “our” Basketball team beat Duke.

  • H. Clark


    Many thanks for the Viet Nam Era music CDs. I am blessed with many hours of listening to them, because they certainly brought back memories.


  • frank

    H. Glad you listened to them. Frank

  • frank

    Cousin, I must admit that sometimes when I recorded, played the songs, it was a bit painful (even today, I get a tear or two if I listen to them). Frank

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