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The CLODs Shall Rise Again – Mike Parker joins Blog

Look out people more and more of the old “CLOD” gang are showing up and reconnecting with our Saigon Kids family.

Clod Mike Parker reconnected with us today. Mike was in Saigon from 1958 to late 1961.

I just hung up from a wonderful phone call with Mike. He is doing great. He is living with his wife an family in southern Alabama. He’s excited to be back in the loop with Saigon Kids and can’t wait to get in touch with those he knew in Saigon, as well as, getting to know those of you who were in Saigon after he left.

Everyone give Mike a BIG WELCOME!!! 🙂

Mike it was great talking with you today – WELCOME HOME, my friend!!! 🙂

Clods 1960 Saigon

Rock onnnnnn … Saigon Kid!


PS: Mike is still playing guitar – look out the old Clod Band might reunite for the 2012 Reunion … and rock the night awayyyyyyy … LOL       🙂

5 comments to The CLODs Shall Rise Again – Mike Parker joins Blog

  • Mimi

    Welcome to Mike, I do remember him well…hope he has a lot to tell.lol..and to begin with, how he found out about the blog.
    Speaking of which, I did fill in my bio in the secret compartment…strange how you can sum up so many years in so few lines-lol-
    xxx mimi

    • Admin

      Mimi – I’m sure all the girls remember the ‘red haired Devil’ … lol 🙂

      Well, Mimi, it is very interesting how Mike found our Blog … the story goes like this … I’ve been trying to call him for several months now but got not answer. Then Tuesday evening I was thinking to myself – maybe I should try calling Mike again after dinner. But, then I got busy with other things and forgot. Then at 4:00 a.m. this morning Mike wakes up with a thought in his ‘inner mind’ … (not about me – lol ) … telling him to Google his old ‘steady girl friend’ from Saigon. So, he does – and suddenly before his eyes our Blog appears – with her name in the Google search link! … he clicked the Google link ……. landing at our Blog!!!

      I think he thought he was dreaming or something – lol 🙂

      Anyway, he left a note in one of the old archived Posts comments sections. When I checked my email this morning I saw his note … and picked up the phone an called him immediately [ wanted to make sure I caught up to him before he woke up from his dream – ha ha ha 🙂 ]

      And, yes Mimi … Mike has some tales to tell … LOL … Oh, and he remembers you well!!!

      I’ll let him tell the tales …


  • Mike Parker

    To say the least, I am delighted and excited about finding the “Saigon Kids” web-site, hearing from Bob and getting plugged in. I have since talked to Sondra, Roy and Paul. Rique and Larry are next.

    It’s been a long road for all of us since those days in the 50’s and early 60’s. Briefly, the following describes mine:

    Left Saigon in November, 1960, returned to Panama City, Fl. to finish my last semester as Senior in high school; believe it or not, the day I enrolled, I made contact with Joe Christensen (he left before I did and joined the Coast Guard when he got back state side). I cancelled my plans of staying with my parents friends and Joe, myself, and another Coast Guard boy got an apartment together. We stayed together for about a year (playing our guitars, singing, etc.)until I went off to college (Auburn University) and Joe later got transferred. Over time, we drifted a part and it wasn’t until finding you guys, that I heard of his passing in 1968. I am saddened. He was like a Brother. Any way, graduated from Auburn in 1965 with a degree in Industrial Engineering, got married in 1964, we had our first girl (Michele, now 44)for a graduation present; moved back to Northwest Florida and worked as an engineer for the power company for two years; moved to Birmingham in 1967 and began my career as an Industrial Engineer in the metal cast business (Ferrous & non-ferrous foundries); somewhere along the way we had two more girls (Nicole, now 41 & Stephanie, now 38); over the past 42 years since 1967, I have worked for three Corporations, achieved V.P. status three times, served on the Engineering Advisory Council at Penn. State for two years and in 1998 received the Westover Award for outstanding achievement in Industrial Engineering (awarded by the American Foundryman’s Society – AFS); well still married after 45 years and in 2002 adopted a little girl, Jaqueline, who is now almost 8 and starting the second grade; the absolute “love of my life”; Still doing consulting work when I can find it and hoping for better times as we continue to raise Jaqui. And , yes, I still play guitar for myself and have bought Jaqui a “Baby Taylor” for her to learn by. She’s going to be better than her “old man” that’s for sure.

    That’s about it! Look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to chat,


    E-mail – mikeparker82@bellsouth.net
    Home – 205-822-9542
    Cell – 205-585-2205


    • Admin

      Mike – Thanks for the update! Great hearing from you. Soooooo glad you’ve been able to get reconnected and talk with some of the old gang! I said it before, but I’ll say it again “WELCOME HOME” !!!! 🙂

      Rock Onnnnnnnn … Saigon Kids …. 🙂


  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Dear Mike~
    Just got connected with the Saigon Kids after a phone call from Bob while on vacation.
    Heard from Glenn yesterday, too. What a wonderful surprise.
    Sounds like you are well and have had a wonderful career all these years. I am happy for you.

    Some of my best memories of my youth are from the Saigon days.
    I remember well sitting in your room many afternoons and listening to you practice the guitar. I also recall your poor sliced and bloody finger-tips and wondered if it was really necessary to “suffer” this way for your music. When I asked about a bandaid, I remember you saying you needed to “build up callouses!” What a man, eh?
    I also remember you teaching me to play the beginning phrase of “Rebel Rouser”…the only tune I can still(somewhat) play on a guitar.
    Now you are sharing your love of the guitar with your little girl…that is a special gift to give her.
    Please know that I have often thought of you and Glenn over the years and I am so happy both of you are doing well.
    My husband, Charles, and I have been married 42 years, live in Houston, TX.,are doing well, still working and enjoying our twin grandchildren.
    Hope to hear from you.

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