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The Quest for ACS Kids – Part II

Seems we all feel a special bond to those Saigon years since we keep returning to our Field of Dreams site…so wanted to share with you all a letter I recently came across in a dusty corner…from the Saigon American Community School Alumni Search Committee, dated January 21, 1990.

“Dear ACS’er:

We are now into the second year of this project. Out of a total alumni of about 530 (class of 62-69), we have managed to locate 88 people to date Let’s see–at this rate we should find everyone by 1995! That is a long time to wait for a reunion, so let’s all make a renewed effort to locate our missing classmates. If anyone has any ideas on how to expedite this effort, please let us know.

Many thanks to Ralph Doggett, Sarah Bush Rogers, Paul Shaffer, Dan Parker, and Marie Perry Wright for their latest contributions to the “Found” list. Keep up the great detective work!

For those of you getting this list for the first time–welcome to the search! We can sure use your help! If you know the whereabouts of any people on the enclosed “Missing” list please do not hesitate to call or send in your information to anyone of the committee people listed below.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Bill Brendza ’65, Jan L. Rice Grosch ’66, Marilyn Snow Neiva ’65, Jim Richards ’65, John A. Thich ’66”

I had a challenging year in 1990 when I received this letter and did not keep up with this search. I regret it. So keep talking and looking people…other ACS kids are trying to find you.

(Hey, Ken…you were amongst the missing….)

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  • Ken

    As a much younger man that I am today, I have to admit, much to my chagrin that I was not a very good correspondent….when I left a place, I left and failed to maintain contact with just about anyone. I did link up with Maile Miller in the DC area in 1963 with her family’s return to the USA, but just about everyone else…gone. What can I say? That is why I was soooooo thrilled when I accidently ran across the SaigonKids site while Googling Brooks Toland…And then when I realized I had missed the reunions, especially the one in 2004, as I was in the US at the time, I was so disappointed. But life plods along and so do I.
    Since I’ve started blogging and swapping lies with everyone on this site, I did do an email to try and get some others to sign up and start blogging as well, but don’t seem to have had much luck. But I shall keep adding my two cents worth to all comments that I can or have knowledge of.

    Hugs to all – Ken

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