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The Quest for: Chaplin Fredrick Hanley

Fredrick Hanley was a Protestant Chaplin at the 3rd Field Hospital during the time frame of late 1965 to early 1966 (and possibly longer).

Tom Johnson was a Chaplin’s Assistance at 3rd Field Hospital arriving in November 1965 with a Unit of Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff to complete the set up of the hospital making it fully functional. He was there until Easter 1966.

During his time at 3rd Field Hospital he met Chaplin Hanley. He has been unable to locate or contact him since leaving Viet-nam and is still looking for him.

If you have any information about Chaplin Hanley or know of any sources we might be able to contact who would have knowledge of him after early 1966 it will be very much appreciated if you leave it in the Comments section below.

Any little bits and pieces of information will help in our search for him.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


2 comments to The Quest for: Chaplin Fredrick Hanley

  • Edward Russell

    To help find information about Chaplain Hanley,suggest:

    1. Contact US Army Chaplain Museum, Ft. Jackson, SC – Marcia McManus, Director or Tim Taylor, Technician (803-751-8827). Ask to search card file on Chaplain Names. This could provide info. on full name, denomination, hometown, etc., or
    2. Contact this writer ( for additional help.
    Edward J. Russell, Chaplain Assistant- 3rd Field Hospital 1968-1969.

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