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As most of you have probably notice I’ve not published The Saigon Gecko Newsletter every  Friday for sometime now.  The reason is that it was taking considerable time to write and publish it every week; and, with little – if any – contribution of articles and information from the rest of you I ran out of things to write about – or maybe I just got writers block.  Which ever the case, it became difficult to write an informative newsletter with very few of you contributing news and information to write about.  If we all lived in the same town, I could cruise around talking with everyone to find out what is going on – but, since we all live all over the globe, that is not possible. So, I have to rely on you folks to keep me informed about the latest news of what is going on with everyone.  Either that or spend my time travelling the globe visiting with everyone … LOL … hmmm – that might not be a bad idea and could be a lot of fun too!!    🙂

I’m reviving The Saigon Gecko. It will once again be published and sent to you via email every Friday at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time.   Since I only have about 2 hours per week of free time to devote to our Saigon Kids activities, I’ve ‘automated’ the entire process of writing and publishing the newsletter so it now will take less then 10 minutes a week for me to send it out to you – I love this HiTech world we live in today!!!!      🙂

If you have news, information or articles you’d like to have included in the newsletter, please email them to me and I’ll include them in the next edition. Deadline is mid-night Monday’s for inclusion in the upcoming Friday edition. Items received after mid-night Monday will not appear in the newsletter until the following Friday edition.

I hope you’ll enjoy your new version of – The Saigon Gecko.

As always, you are welcome to leave your Comments below.


Subscribe To “The Saigon Gecko” – CLICK HERE

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