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The White House Host Saigon Kids Dinner

The White House

1 April 2009 – London, England

Greetings Saigon Kids,

I am honored to accept your invitation to join the Saigon Kids family and community. Saigon Kids are exemplary of harmonious relationships, which can be formed and maintained between peoples of different origins bridging multi-cultural barriers. I commend you.

Discovering there are Indonesian Saigon Kids brought back fond memories of the days I spent attending school in Indonesia during my youth. And, of the special bond which only Third Culture Kids feel and understand.

April 21st being the one-year anniversary of Saigon Kids Blog. The White House would be honored to host a traditional Vietnamese fish and pho dinner to commemorate 50 plus years of Saigon Kids and the 1st Anniversary of Saigon Kids Blog.

May we enjoy many years of shared memories as Saigon Kids.



Mr. President,

On behalf of all Saigon Kids, welcome to our Saigon Kids family and community.

Thank you for graciously hosting our anniversary dinner. The White House staff has contacted me to co-ordinate the event.

I look forward, as I’m sure all Saigon Kids do, to being your dinner guest on April 21st.

Again, thank you and welcome!



Saigon Kids: For complete information about the dinner and the ‘awesome’ menu … RSVPClick Here

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.


13 comments to The White House Host Saigon Kids Dinner

  • Ken

    April Fool’s Day perhaps????? LOL Good try.

  • Kevin L. Wells

    But a true master of his or her own life would receive an invitation to the White House and RSVP pleading a more pressing engagement.

    Think about it.


  • Mimi

    MY my!!! The presidential msg is a bit f**** up on my pc, but I suppose it is bcz of these european keyboards -lol-

    And the menu. wow! I won’t miss this one, that is for sure. Do you think girls have to wear a long dress… 🙂

    xxx mimi

    [Mimi – I’ve heard micro-mini skirts are the ‘in’ fashion for girls in DC now … lol 🙂 ]

  • Ken

    Mimi…may I request you wear one of those sexy Vietnamese dresses…I so loved those outfits…white trousers under a colorful Ao Dai…Lovely.

  • Maile Doyle

    So, anyone need a place to stay? My sisters live in the DC area and I’m sure could find space for some of us! Thanks Bob for the effort you put forth on this…WOW!

  • Randy Seely

    (Cast line here…wait for big fish to bite…)
    Nice one, Bob!

    [Randy – did they open fishing season early out there … bass, trout or tuna??? – lol 🙂 ]

  • frank

    Do we get to keep the White House set of Chop Sticks? Frank

    Frank – sure you get to keep the Chop Sticks! That’s why it is important for everyone to RSVP – so they can engrave everyones chop sticks with their name – in gold leaf!! After all, Frank – this isn’t some Chop Suey joint. We are talking “THE” White House here! Sterling silver chop sticks with you name in gold leaf engraved on them – first class all the way! Nothing is too good for Saigon Kids! 🙂

  • frank

    Bob, I always new you were the King of B.S. Artists!!! Love Ya Man! Frank

    ROFL Frank – on par with the “Elvis Concert” at the Cercle Sportif – isn’t it!?! 🙂


  • Tres bon mes ami! A superlative invite to DC was never better crafted.

  • claude

    Wow! I couldn’t believe it! So fast !
    Bob! you are the best!

    [Claude – Thank you! Good to see you here! I have to be FAST to keep up with French girls – lol 🙂 ]

  • claude

    “Bien joué!” as we say in french!

  • Bob,

    You think he might be receptive to a bailout? Maybe he can send us back to Saigon as an Overseas Contingency Operation – OCO-ONO!?!!

    [ Roy – Yes, but there are strings attached. All Saigon Kids who accepted a position with OCO-ONO would also be required to accept an appointment of “Ambassador Of Good Intentions” along with the responsibility for equatable distribution of $50 billion in ‘stimulus’ funds as long term Ambassadorship ‘stimuli’ to instill previously unheard of levels of cultural social exchange. *wink* – LOL- 🙂 Bob ]

  • Tom Hanna

    Well Bob, I must say that I have never fallen for somthing quite like I did for this April fool. I will always remember and chuckle.


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