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The World Through The Wisdom Of A Child’s Eyes

What can I do?

During life’s struggles, have you sometimes found yourself feeling powerless when suddenly confronted by challenging problems, that seem to appear out of nowhere … surprising you … catching you off-guard … as you find yourself helplessly saying, “What can I do!?!”

Sometimes we find the wisdom to solve life’s problems through the eye’s of a child.

I’d like to share with you this *touching* story of – “Melissa’s Lunch Money” – and how an 11-year-old is building the world we all want for our children and grand children.

[you might want to have the kleenex handy before watching this video :)]

Melissa answered the question – “What can I do?!” – saving the life of her friend and hundreds of others … while giving them a new lease on life and *hope* for a better future.

Now, I’ll ask you to ask yourself this same question: *What Can I Do?*

Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson (Arun grandhi), Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, John Harricharan and many others asked – “What Can I Do?”

They answered by endorsing – 10 Million Clicks For Peace – creating peace around the world through the power of the Internet with *peace education*.

Saigon Kids and American Community School supports – 10 Million Clicks For Peace.

I’m *proud* to have partnered with 10 Million Clicks For Peace to spread peace around the world though – peace education.

Perhaps your answer to the question – What Can I Do? …

Will be to join with me in the world’s largest peace movement – 10 Million Clicks For Peace – I sure hope so.

Blessing for a wonderful Holiday Season! 🙂


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