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This site is starting to get interesting…….

I read the comments this morning while most of you were still sleeping (6 hour time difference to the East Coast) and after reading about Fast Larry and the sweet, innocent Shankey girls, and Randy (a name, not a condition) dating Lynn, I thought to myself, hummmm, now, after 40 years we are starting to learn about each other…..and I love it. So let’s hear more… As I recall from my days in Saigon, Larry Smith and Arlene Zucker were a pair as were Fred Bonner and Mary Malone. I had the hots for Malcolmette Friedman but that was in 1964 (I think). There was one young lovely who sent me home more than once in a rather uncomfortable condition, but we won’t go there. Ah…the good old days. I love it. Ken

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  • Admin

    Well Ken … I hate to disappoint you about being able to sneak in here while we all slept … BUT … I was awake and online …. ahhahhaha … Playboys are always night owls …. ahhahhaha … 🙂

    Of course I was not just playing around, I was in a deep educational learning curve, studying about ‘decompression bombs’ … after my friendly anti-virus program informed me (at 1:30 a.m. CST) that it detected a ‘decompression bomb’ on my computer … lol … this was then followed by the Cable company deciding to ‘disconnect’ while they did an upgrade to double connection speeds (at no additional costs) … of which I was sent an email (this morning, after the fact) advising me of the possible disruption of service and upgrade … lol … they could have saved me about an hour of fiddling with the modem, etc. in the middle of the night … if … they had sent the email yesterday (in advance of the 3 hour disruption of service! ) … lol … fortunately, I have other connection services I can use when one service is down, etc… so my Internet adventures were not totally disrupted … just inconvenienced … lol

    Hmmmm … coupling in Saigon days … well, as I recall I preferred to ‘play the field’ so to speak … all the girls were so very special in their own way, I just couldn’t make up my mind … so gave up trying to select the ‘fairest of them all’ … lol … but, Mimi was always at the top of the list for the most part, except for those periods where I was distracted by others … which was very frequently as I recall … plus, as it says under my picture in the year book … my ambition at the time was to become an International Playboy . So I’m sure this was a contributing factor to my seemingly girl hopping ways back then … lol. Then there was the problem of there only being 10 girls in the 11th and 12th grades at ACS … and 12 more in the 10th grade, but it wasn’t cool then for a Junior or Senior to date an ‘underclass’ girl (or stated a better way … lol … a girl from a lower grade). So this obviously forced me to adventure outside of the American community into the French and Vietnamese communities (and Chinese, German,Italian, etc.) … spreading American goodwill to the teenage daughters of all nations … radiating a shinning example of American youth to the daughters of all nations, just as my father and the State Department constantly reminded me, it was my duty to do … lol … and I did take my ‘duty’ very seriously as I diligently introduced the sweet daughters of all nations to the ways of a red blooded All-American teenage play boy … LOL. For which, I might mention, I was highly praised for as I made my parents so proud. Well, until ‘the incident’ which lead to the Ambassador and the State Dept. suggesting (rather strongly, as I recall) to my father… that perhaps it would be in my best interests, educational wise, if I were to attend school abroad (meaning anyplace but Vietnam) … as best I can recall ‘the incident’ had something to do with someone (or someoneS) painting an American beatnik abstract artistic mural (sometimes referred to as graffiti) on the water tower. I was devastated at the lack of appreciation for ‘fine art’ leading to my rather sudden exile to a boarding school near Phoenix. I always wondered if this was actually part of The Phoenix Program. Hmmmm?!

    Have a fantastic day! And, please do good stuff today … and don’t forget to tell someone you love them … 🙂


  • Alice Ahlgren Blackburn

    Whoa…our very own Wizard was big trouble. Seems he has a knack for impressing the ladies – ask him about Edwina Scissorhands. Ken…Malcomette was a junior in 1963. 1964 “couples” included Alice (me) and Coop, Lynn and Paul Reichers, Sandi Hall and Arvin Wilson, Molly Greene and Mike Warren…..We used to publish this stuff in the Beacon.!!!!!!!Tish and J.D., Rick and Renee. And I see Bobbie Sheehan’s name came up recently. Didn’t know her well as I was a lowly sophomore, newly arrived, and Bobbie was queen of ACHS. She departed on January 28, 1963, and the Gecko mourned her departure. Oh, and the picture I tried to send you was of Mary Adams, Ken. You are my chosen beta site for mastering digital photography so I am not constantly seeing Bob’s “falling down laughing” emoticon applauding my efforts. Alice

  • Admin

    Ahhhh yes, Alice … Edwina that wonderful adorable Swedish lass … love of my life … until I discovered her secret scissor talents … when love suddenly faded away in the blink of an eye (or should that be snipping of the shears) … lol

    Well Alice, you didn’t have to DROWN my cute little emoticon in the FISH TANK!! … Geeshhh … lol …particularly after he gave you a falling down rolling on the floor applauding for your efforts … see if I let my emoticons visit you in Wonderland anymore. Hmmmm?! Now I’m wondering if you might be related to Edwina being that you are both Swedish … I’ve heard about how you Swede’s stick together … Of course your inquiry as to if she Consults, tends to thicken the plot … along with your comment today, and I quote “I’m dangerous with a hook and a worm.” … ROFL (ASCII Code verison of my DROWN emoticon) 🙂


  • Alice Ahlgren Blackburn

    Geeesh..and I foolishly thought you were laughing at me for putting the CD in UPSIDE down! (remember, I got a Ph.D. so I could remind myself that I’m smart when stuff like that happens). Check your e-mail and see if my Vietnam era pictures made it through cyberspace and, if so, how do I get them on the photo gallery????? Most Swede’s are cold and frosty but I was raised in Nigeria and Burma and Vietnam and Brazil soooo…I thawed. Alice

  • Admin

    Awwwww now Alice … you know I’d never laugh “AT” you … cuz it is sooo much more fun to laugh “WITH” you … and as you’ll recall, you were the one laughing so hard you couldn’t “respond”. 🙂

    Your pictures came through really GREAT! Hence, you are hereby declared the “Dependable” Master of Digital Imaging.

  • Alice Ahlgren Blackburn

    Admin….Am sending you a post via an owl I borrowed from a literary acquaintance of mine. So…look to the skies….she’ll be carrying a HOWLER and a FLAMETHROWER. TWR

  • Admin

    Thank you warm, cute, peppy, dependable White Rabbit … I’m looking to the skies … Wizard 🙂

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