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Thomas Johnson Joins Blog With His Saigon Slide Shows

Tom served at 3rd Field Hospital from late 1965 to early 1966 as a Chaplain’s Assistant.

Tom came to Saigon with the military unit bringing the first teams of doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to set up the hospital and get it up and running during the final stages of conversion from American Community School to the 3rd Field Hospital.

Tom has provided an interesting bit of information about the conversion. For a very brief period the school was initially converted to the 51st Field Hospital which was moved farther north in Viet-nam with the establishment of 3rd Field Hospital.

Tom has a large collection of pictures taken during his tour (Fall of 1965 to Spring 1966). Also, he has made return visits to Viet-nam compiling a nice collection of pictures of *Then 1965* and *Now 2008*.

Tom has been kind enough to share his pictures with us in the form of *Slide Shows*. I’m sure everyone will enjoy these – I sure did!

I’ll be Posting his Slide Shows to the blog soon, as separate Posts.

Tom is also looking to locate and reconnect with a Chaplin he served with at 3rd Field Hospital. I’ll be covering this in a separate Post on the blog shortly.

Tom, thank you so very, very much for your kindness and sharing these wonderful memories of Viet-nam with us. We all appreciate your contribution very, very much.

It is great having you join us, Tom. We look forward to sharing adventures, experiences and memories with you of our days in Southeast Asia.

Everyone give Tom a BIG WELCOME!   🙂


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