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Thoughts To Ponder: The French Song

Today and over the past few days, as I’ve been reading everyone’s Memorial Day comments on our Blog, many thoughts have passed through my mind – along with many emotions and feelings – of times past and present. I’ve found myself reflecting on many events, places and people – before Saigon – during our time in Saigon – after Saigon – and through the years to today.

Some of these thoughts are not very surprising – rather ordinary. Others are very surprising – unusual. Many of times, places and people I’ve not thought about in many years – and, I wonder why they come to mind now.

One thought keeps reoccurring as I reflect and ponder – out of the hell’s of war a life long and life changing blessing was bestowed upon me and all Saigon Kids. If not for war most of us would never have known each other and there would be no Saigon Kids family and community today. Nor, all that we have experienced as a family and community over the past half century.

On one hand I’m saddened with grief as I ponder the circumstances which brought us together. On the other hand I’m overwhelmed with joy that we were brought together and have stayed together as a family and community for such a long long time.

As I ponder, I’ve yet to find answers or understanding – maybe I never will. Perhaps all I’ll ever know is the feelings – the emotions – and gratitude of being a Saigon Kid. Maybe it’s best that some things remain a mystery – simply to savor as we do a sunset with beauty beyond words …

Frank mentioned “The French Song” in one of his Comments to the previous Post .

Frank this video is for you – for the good times – The French Song First Recording.

And, yes brother Frank, it sure does bring back memories of – our Paris of the Orient 🙂

Thank you Saigon Kids for being a part of my life and the gift of all the blessings you have given me over the years.

BIG HUGS to all of you …


2 comments to Thoughts To Ponder: The French Song

  • Frank

    Bob, Thanks a million for the song….it brought memories of memories!!! That was very of nice of you to do this….and of the many other things you have done with the Blog.
    I’m in Phoenix right now and will be heading out for England, France and Belgium Monday morning.

    • Admin

      My pleasure Frank – enjoy your trip. Send pictures as you travel about … If you meet up with any of our French Saigon Kids (and others in Europe), give them a BIG HUG from all of us and let them know they are in our thoughts.

      Rock on …


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