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True Confessions: Saigon Kid’s True Adventure Stories (Chapter 4)

Burt aks: “Um, Bob, what do you say you start a thread about our classmates ‘nefarious’ deeds while at ACS? I volunteer to start it off…”

Hmmm … nefarious deeds????? Would this be True Confessions of extremely wicked, abominable, iniquitous, atrociously villainous, execrable, and detestably vile … deeds?!

WARNING: Ladies and the weak of heart – you may not want to read this! Consider yourself forewarned – proceed at your own risk!

Burt the floor is yours … start off CONFESSIONS of “nefarious deeds” …

Everyone else, feel free to share your “nefarious deeds” by CONFESSING in the Comments section below …


5 comments to True Confessions: Saigon Kid’s True Adventure Stories (Chapter 4)

  • Burt Parker

    Summer of 1962…

    Cercle Sportif…

    A fight…; no, not that one…

    After enjoying an afternoon at the pool, brother Rob (Bob, then) [Robert, officially], and I exited the club. As we approached our motorbike, a ‘gook’ came over and and purposely kicked it over. Well, that sorta incensed brother Rob, so he went over and ‘got in his face’ and asked why he did that. The ‘gook’ then punched him in the face and they then got into it pretty seriously, wrestling on the ground, throwing punches, etc., etc., etc. Well brother Rob was getting the best of it when another couple ‘gooks’ decided to help their pal. They got brother Rob from the backside with some well placed kicks and slugs. At this point, I weighed in on the fray. Brother Rob and I, literally back-to-back, fought the ‘gooks’, while a Con Sok (sp?, we had another term for those policemen but it isn’t for polite company) idlely looked on from across the street. Sometime in this melee, Rob and I started kicking over their motor bikes and that made them really mad. So, the fray became more serious. Anyway, finally, the cop across the street started blowing his whistle and the ‘gooks’ hopped on the bikes and hightailed it out of there. I had a bloody nose, Rob had bruised ribs.

    Fast forward to getting home. Of course we had ‘the lecture’ about how our behavior reflected poorly on the U.S. and him for his career and that we could all be sent home; it was an ‘international incident’, yada, yada, yada… Mom, always the mom, kept saying ‘boys with be boys’…

    Well, bro Rob and I were grounded for a month. [Another story about escaping being grounded, later; seems we were grounded a lot.]

    Much later, Dad told us that the whole thing had been a set up by the communists to cause an ‘incident’, and, he said, apparently from mysterious undisclosed sources, that we did quite well in trashing the ‘gooks’.

    OK SKs, whose next?



  • Burt Parker

    ok, come on you fraidy cats; fess up to your nefarious deeds. I suppose the statues of limitation are well expired by now, unless you were party to a felony or such (in which case I guess we don’t want to hear about it anyway so as not to be a party to the ‘crime’)….



  • Burt Parker

    Oh, you probably want to know about the ‘other’ fight? Seems I was somewhat inebriated at a party, one of Viny’s maybe?… So was he. It was about a girl, but I can’t be certain of which one, one of two I are the likely candidates and I’m pretty sure which one.

    Well, as I recall, he got the better of me pretty good… Umm, I remember some folks egging us on…, is that true? Seems it was more like wrestling than fighting. Anyway, I wasn’t grounded when I got home so I couldn’t have been hurt too visibly, only my physique…

    OK, someone help me out on the details… How did it start? Why? How did it get broken up?

    Yes, I know who ‘he’ was…; do you?



  • Burt Parker

    Well hellow! I’m beginning to understand Ken’s problem! Where is everyone?

    To you Ken: what the ‘h’ are you doing in Germany?

    Bob, what can we do about putting all responses up front? I know you have the RSS posts thingie, but it’s kinda deep sixed at the end of the train. Can you put that up top so folks can understand and see all the latest posts?

    I think that would be goodness.

    Best Regards,


  • Admin

    Burt, the RSS feeds could be moved to the top of the Menu but that would require reprograming/coding the Blog. A lot of work. Plus, no matter how I arrange the Menu, experience has taught me, someone will want it to be arranged differently. 🙂

    At some point in the future when the majority of visitors are active, instead of just reading the blog, I’ll probably do a complete revamping of the site. Until then my time and effort are better used working on things like the Gecko Project, uploading piles and piles of pictures to the Photo Gallery, the Newsletter, keeping fresh posts on the Blog so it doesn’t get stale, doing the daily administrative chores associated with the Blog, etc. … the list is endless, and I only have a limited amount of time to devote to the Blog.

    Also, I might mention, the RSS Feed is available in the URL bar at the top of the page. Look in your browser where it has the Blog site address (URL) … at the end of the URL there is an ‘orange’ color square Icon (RSS feed Icon). CLICK IT and what do you see? … 🙂

    Thanks for your constructive suggestion, Burt. Much appreciated.


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