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Veny’s Son Gets Married

Recently Sarah sent me an email saying Veny’s son has gotten married. She also forward some wedding pictures she received from Veny.

The pictures are now in our Photo Gallery for your viewing pleasure. You’ll need to login to the Photo Gallery to view them.

There is even a picture of Mrs. Haznam (Veny and Dini’s mother) who we all knew in Saigon.

Congratulations to the proud parents and the bride and groom. May you enjoy a long and happy life together and many, many children –    🙂


PS: I’m not sure of the date or location of the wedding. If anyone knows please leave it in the comments below. Also, I don’t know the names of some of the people in the pictures. If you know please leave them in the comments under the individual pictures.

4 comments to Veny’s Son Gets Married

  • Ken

    I know that the Muslim religion does not smile fondly on comments regarding a married woman by a person outside her direct family, but Vennie, for a woman her age, is gorgeous. Don’t mean to be offensive but hey, what can I say? She was gorgeous in high school and she still is. Ken

  • Venita Haznam Budiarman

    My son,Ryan, was married on November 7, 2009 at the bride’s residence and the wedding reception was held on November 8, 2009 at Police University Auditorium in Jakarta.

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    I hope Veni will put the captions on the photos. She kindly did that in a separate e-mail for me and it was such fun seeing her family, the happy couple and Dini, too.
    I am sure others of us would appreciate captions on the pictures, if they are not already on them by now.
    Yes, Veni was not only beautiful but very sweet-natured, intelligent and kind.

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