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Veterans Day

Hi, everyone! Just got back from the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Boise…beautiful weather…and a very appreciative crowd to watch the pageantry. Each year, I try to attend the local parade…sure, they’re corny, and maybe they smack of Mayberry-like events. But what a wonderful display of support from the people of the Treasure Valley (that’s the name of the valley we all live in here in the Boise area)! I spent 20 proud years in the Air Force…am happy I’m retired (but still working , in another line of work), miss the folks I was stationed with, and most of the places where I was stationed.

As we observe Veterans Day (I have a particular loathing of ads that say we’re ‘celebrating’ the day…by way of offering discounted mattress/ furniture/auto sales…), I think it’s important to offer thanks to everyone who’s made a sacrifice for this country…military AND civilian! We SaigonKids know we were placed in a very unusual location at a very opportune time. I think we can all agree that Veterans Day is a day to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who’s made a sacrifice, whether with their lives or with their service.

As a military veteran, I offer special thanks to you SK’s who served, in any capacity…and to your parents, as well!

Best wishes! Randy

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  • Ken

    Randy, where I am, naturally nothing goes on regarding Veteran’s day…perhaps something at the military bases in Germany but there are none in this area. I didn’t join the VFW until after the terrible 9/11 event. The Army time was behind me and meant nothing, but after 9/11, having served my country (in a totally worthless war) I came to be proud of that service. I wish there was something I could do here, but there isn’t. I thank you for bringing Veteran’s Day to this blog and remind everyone of the sacrifices being made everyday on our behalf.

    Attention !!! Hand Salute !!! Ready…Front.


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