December 2023
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Veterans Days

Today is Veterans Day in the USA. A day we remember and honor our Military Veterans. The men and women who gave their ALL to protect and preserve freedom. The same freedom we enjoy and sometimes take for granted. What we enjoy today came at a great sacrifice and suffering by our Veterans. There will be many Veterans Day events around the country. Be sure to take part in those in your community. Let Veterans everywhere know how much you appreciate all that they did for us, all that they sacrificed and suffered … and that they are loved and will always be remembered for doing their part to keep freedom’s bell ringing. And, be sure to give special attention to our disabled Veterans, and let them know the price they paid was ‘worth’ it. Show them the gratitude and love and respect they earned and deserve.

Hug a Veteran today.

Let them know they are loved and appreciated … and we will not forget them.


PS: Happy 233rd Birthday U.S. Marines … Simper Fi

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  • Randy Seely

    In late 1965, my dad (then Army Lt Col) swore me into the USAF. Twenty years later, he came to Scott AFB, Illinois to present to me my retirement papers. Several years later, he swore one of my sons into the Marines. My dad died in 2005. I’m quite proud of a three-generations picture of my dad, me, and my son in our uniforms. I send my profound thanks to all who served our country…then and now. Randy

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