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Veterans Memorial 2009

I was thinking the other day about memorials for our Veterans. Then I wondered what I would make if I were asked to make a Veterans Memorial.

Would it be a brass statue, a marble sculpture, a granite monument … ??? … what would it be!?!

As I pondered this I looked around where I was standing at the time. Then it occurred to me that everything around me was a memorial to Veterans – made by Veterans through years of their sacrifices.

Everything that surrounds me, every day of my life is here because of Veterans. If not for Veterans, I would not be surrounded by America and all that she is – for Veterans are the ones who have preserved America and our way of life since the beginning of our country – The United States Of America.

So wherever you are today – Veterans Day – stop and look around … everything within your range of vision is “The Veterans Memorial” preserved for your benefit and enjoyment by Veterans. It’s called America – land of the Free!

Today (and everyday for that matter) when you cross paths with a Veteran – stop – look them square in the eyes as you simply say, “Thank You! … for your service in protecting and preserving America for me and all Americans. I appreciate all that you have done for us!” Then give them a BIG SMILE and HUG.

To Veterans everywhere – I thank you with all my heart, as I’m sure all Saigon Kids do! We appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us and … America.


4 comments to Veterans Memorial 2009

  • Randy Seely

    Nice sentiments, Bob…as a veteran, thanks! I think that NOW, more than ever, this country needs to pull together and remember WHO we are and how we became the nation we are. Political correctness shouldn’t enter the equation. I’m proud to be a veteran…I’m proud for what I’ve done…and this country is going to fall apart like a cheap (Saigon?) suit if we don’t all pull together…and soon! Thanks, fellow veterans! Best wishes! Randy

  • Sandy Hanna

    Bob – I have been trying unsuccessfully to get onto the my brother’s story about his 13th birthday in Saigon and it won’t let me get to it. Is there anything you can do to get me connected. I am trying to get my siste onto the site. Thanks. Sandy

  • Sandy Hanna

    Bob – Does anyone know a family named Bingham. They lived next to the Ambassador house in 1960. We are trying to find Janice and Patricia
    Bingham. They also had an older sister, probably 8th grade in 1960. If anyone can help, much appreciated. Sandy Hanna

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