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“What You Want, Wants You” … ACS History Revealed

For the past several years I’ve published an on-line newsletter about spiritual wisdom’s. One of the concepts I often talk about in it, is how everything and everyone in the universe are connected. Hence, “What you want, wants you” too. Think back over your life. How many times has there been something you wanted (desired) which seemed out of your reach. But, suddenly and seemingly magically your desire was fulfilled … many times quite unexpectedly (“expect the unexpected”).

This once again proved true for me a couple days ago. As you know, for some time, I’ve been looking for and wanting to know the origins and history of our American Community School in Saigon. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when suddenly the complete history of our school was dropped in my lap the other day. I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised because ‘what I want, wants me’ too … (lesson learned: practice what you preach, Bob!) 🙂

It seems some thoughtful souls did in fact record the history of American Community School from it’s inception. The history was then published. The publication saved by someone in Saigon. It recently turned up at an estate sale the wife of a Saigon Kid visited. She bought the publication. They sent it to me. I don’t know if they are aware the publication they sent me contained the history of our school. But, when I turned a page and before my eyes saw the words … “The History Of Our School” … I almost fell out of my chair!! Shocked! Speechless! Overwhelmed with emotions beyond words! I was stunned! Slowly, I focused my eyes back upon the words on the page as I began to read of it’s humble beginnings … of it burning to the ground with only 4 books surviving … of it’s rebuilding and growth until it became the school compound we knew and have such fond memories of …

(to be continued … ) 🙂


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