December 2023
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Where has he gone?

Some frequent visitors to this site may have wondered why Yeager hasn’t been blabbing like usual. Well, my wife and I have been on vacation for two weeks to the island of Sylt. We’ve been back for a week and now I’m getting ready to head down to Frankfurt for three months of work…yes, work.

Our trip to Sylt was not the best in that the weather wasn’t very cooperative the first week. The second was better and I managed to cope a few rays. The first weekend we were there, there was a Harley meet with several thousand bikers in evidence (mostly by the sound). But that was only for a couple of days and then they were gone. This weekend was a Harley meet in Hamburg with thousands of bikes. I saw one group from Sweden and another from Scotland. I went to the Harley village yesterday and it was soooo crowded and noisy that I left after about an hour.

All is well here in north Germany…weather still isn’t what it should be for this time of year, but everything is lovely green and lush (plants, not humans).

And with this update, I will end this brief but totally unnecessary report.

Hope everyone is doing well. Be good and be safe – Ken

4 comments to Where has he gone?

  • Admin

    Hello and welcome home, Ken!

    And … have a nice commute to WORK!!! – LOL 🙂

    Touch base when you can … always fun reading you ‘babble’ … ROFL 🙂


  • Maile Doyle

    I’ve been wondering where you were. I even used your email address to try to touch base with you! Glad you were on vacation…
    I, too, have been gone since mid-May on family “stuff”. My son and his wife got their Omaha house ready for sale, had a baby and moved to Virginia from May 21st – June 14th! WHEW!!! I’ve had some moves in my day, but not with a 2-week old sweet baby. And, they did all the packing and loading and transporting. The new grandbaby is Lucille (Lucy) Margaret Doyle, born on May 28th and she really loves her Grammy…lol…we are just so happy to have them living a bit closer (8 hour drive vs 13 hour drive)My son is the assistant men’s soccer coach at Virginia Tech – Go Hokies!!

    • Admin

      Maile – Congrats! How sweet! A new grand-baby for Grammy to love and spoil rotten – he he he 🙂

      What a WONDERFUL WORLD … as the song says … 🙂

      We Saigon Kids want to see pictures … pictures … pictures … so will be waiting on the edges of our chairs to see them in the Photo Gallery … 🙂

      Have a fantastic day!


  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Ahhhh Maile, you can’t get rid of me…I may disappear for a bit, but I always return. Congratulations Grandma….A title of honor, an honor I wish I could share (grandparent, that is). I am now comfortably ensconced in my small flat in Frankfurt working in my old office and enjoying my former colleagues (and earning a little $$$ at the same time). Miss the wife, though, but it’s only for three months.
    Take care of yourself and stay in touch. Ken

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