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Wikipedia Entry – How to Create a New Article in Wikipedia

I just checked out Wikipedia for any reference to the American Community School Saigon – doesn’t exist. I have no idea how to go about this, but this would be great if we could start an entry.




Admin Note:

Ken – This is for you and others who might be interested in creating a New Article in Wikipedia.

Here is how you do it.

Wikipedia provides a platform to create new articles and disseminate information for those interested in that specific subject. It is a free encyclopedia and anyone can write a new article in it. Here are some guidelines for creating a new article.

Warnings and Tips:

– Register on Wikipedia to obtain more benefits, such as getting your article in the semi-protected category in Wikipedia.

– Avoid using content from other web sites, writers or copyrighted matter. If you use any content which is not your original material, you MUST obtain permission from the originator/creator of the content material; and, give them credit for the content material by identifying them and the source of the content material (usually none by Foot Note Reference).

– Avoid writing on personal topics, such as your hobbies and friends.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy.

Things You’ll Need:

– Computer with Internet access.
– Content for article.


Open an Account in Wikipedia

Step 1

Go to the Main Page of Wikipedia, listed in Resources below. You can also key in Wikipedia in search engines.

Step 2

Go to the top right corner of the page. Click on the Create Account link and register by providing your username and a unique password. The account is created immediately, and the username you selected will be displayed at the top of the page.

Create a New Article in Wikipedia

Step 1

Go to the Main Page in Wikipedia, listed in Resources below. You can also enter Wikipedia by keying in the word Wikipedia in search engines.

Step 2

Key in the headline of your article in the space provided. The site will search for the availability of the topic and the subject.

Step 3

Write the complete article in the available blank space on the page. Use the Wikipedia Manual of Style for writing articles.

Step 4

Provide the edit summary, explaining the reasons for creating the new article.

Step 5

Click on Show Preview and see your article on the screen. Determine if you need to make any changes.

Step 6

Save and submit the article.


Main Page of Wikipedia – English

Main Page of Wikipedia: NON-English (other languages)
1. Go here: http://www.wikipedia.org/
2. Select your language by left clicking on the language you want to go to the Main Page of in your selected language.

That’s all there is to it.


16 comments to Wikipedia Entry – How to Create a New Article in Wikipedia

  • Ken

    Bob, I very much appreciate the above information, but I gotta tell you, creating someting of intelligence value is beyond me. What I know about anything could probably be written on the head of a pin, twice. But I do think having a page on Wikipedia would be a good if a long lost SK did a search and got a hit that would lead it to this site. Ken

    • Admin

      Ken – I would agree with you in saying it is a – good idea. Most of the information to compile a basic ACS article for Wikipedia is here on the Blog under ACS History. All it would take is someone with a little extra time, to contribute to the cause, compiling the information and submit it to Wikipedia. One of the nice features about Wikipedia is that once a basic article has been placed in it, then others can ‘edit’ the article by adding additional content information to it.


  • Okay, I’m willing to get the ball rolling to create a page in Wikipedia. Before I go off on a bad tangent, I’d first like some opinions posted about two things: (1) What to name the page, and (2) a preliminary outline of topics.

    For (1), my initial suggestion for a name of the Wiki article is “American Community School in Saigon.

    For (2), some Wikipedia entries I found by searching for “American Community School” show two specific entries that begin with those words with “in Beirut” and “in Amman” appended. Also found is one with the appended words “of Abu Dhabi. There’s some commonality in their outlines, but also they are extant while our school is a closed book.

    Suggestions welcome.


    • Admin

      Bruce – Based on our Blogs server ‘logs’ and ‘stats’ the most commonly searched for term is “American Community School Saigon” – So, I’d use that as the name of the article. As that would bring it up in search engine results the most if people searched for either “American Community School Saigon” or “American Community School”. Also, if you insert ‘long tail keywords (phases)’ in the ‘content of the article’ (in the first few paragraphs is the best place) of things like “American Community High School” “ACHS” “ACS” – the search engines will index them, and the site will come up in search engines when people do searches with those keywords, etc.

      Another consideration is that Wikipedia is all about factual information. The actual name of the school was – American Community School, Saigon, Viet-nam – So, in the interest of keeping things factual, perhaps the appropriate name of the article should be “American Community School, Saigon, Viet-nam”.

      For an ‘outline’ structure I’d suggest a historical structure starting with the beginning of the school then through the various phases of it’s growth through it’s closure and conversion to 3rd Field, etc. – the article could then be ‘linked’ to a 3rd Field article (for the history after the conversion) and also ‘linked’ to a PSG article (for continuing the history of SKs education after ACS closed, etc.).

      – Creation of the school
      – Growth/development of school
      – Closure of school

      That’s my 2 cents … LOL 🙂

      Rock on …


  • Ken

    Bruce, If I may, I’d suggest “Saigon American Community School.” It think it will then get more hits in a search. Ken

  • Burt

    I agree with Bob. The entry should be our official name. Now, is there a way to bookmark our blog and official web site in Wikipedia? That could save a lot of new data entry. If just a bare bones factual few paragraphs could be reentered and then have links to our two sites, that would be cool, I think.

  • Burt

    How’s the yearbook project coming along?

  • Admin


    In the interest of stimulating input from SKs about Bruce’s request for suggestions for a Wikipedia article about our school I sent out an email today pointing folks to this discussion. In response one of our SKs ‘Unscribed’, in part, for the following reason:

    ” … I don’t want info pertaining to me as it relates to Saigon or the school on a wiki. I will check in now and again. Thanks for maintaining the site. … “

    I point this out, as many SKs are of a similar attitude and position. While they enjoy the availability of our SKs web sites they prefer, for reasons of their own, to not be mentioned or have their information made available to others without first obtaining their permission.

    Hence, we may want to consider limiting the Wikipedia article to information about the school without including names of individual students or SKs unless they have first granted permission to use their name in the article.

    Comments, suggestions, opinions?????


  • Burt

    That seems fair enough, although it means no links to the blog or web site…

  • Bruce Thomas

    In keeping with the spirit of Wikipedia, I plan on writing a succinct factual article about ACS that dispassionately lays out the reason for its creation, the community it served, its historical timeline and growth, and its eventual closing, together with mention of the subsequent use of the facilities as hospitals and museum. No student names will be mentioned. Wikipedia expects facts to be referenced, and I believe enough such documentation exists elsewhere apart from Bob’s ACS blog and Roy’s SK website, thereby dispensing with any need for the Wikipedia article to mention or link to them. When I’ve finished the draft article, I will share it with Bob and let him decide whether it should be published on Wikipedia or not.


    • Admin

      Bruce – Sounds like a good outline and structure for the article. I’ve got a collection of reference information about the school from various sources, which I’ve not had time to thoroughly review, etc. I’ll email them to you in the next few days, as they may be of some use to you as reference material in writing the Wikipedia article.

      One interesting thing I discovered is the school was operated through DoD and it’s construction and operation was funded primarily though government educational grants provided to DoD for the education of mainly military and Emabassy personnel dependent children. Evidently, considerable political maneuvering took place to skirt around Vietnam laws, in effect at the time, which forbid the establishment of schools that didn’t allow open enrollment of Vietnamese children, etc. During the later years of the school a limited number of Vietnamese children were allowed to attend the school, mainly as a result of strained American/Vietnamese relations stemming from some French children having been allowed to attend the school, etc.

      Thank you for taking on this project, Bruce. I’m sure all SKs join with me in expressing their appreciation and gratitude for your efforts and contribution.


  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    @ Bruce, if I can be of any help to you, let me know……I sorta started this idea so I guess I ought to do something to contribute. Ken

  • Ken, I will surely appreciate your help, if for nothing else than to look over the work and make suggestions when I’m comfortable that it is ready to be reviewed.

    Bob, I would very much like to see that source material you say you have, so when you can send it via email, I’m eager to read and benefit from it.

    At this point, I’ve put together a short article and am viewing it in what Wikipedia calls my “private sandbox” so I can see how the formatted version will look. As soon as the material arrives from Bob, I’ll polish and share it with the two of you.

    Wikipedia is an interesting beast. It sounds like it should be absolute chaos, with anyone able to update any article. But somehow, everybody seems to “play fair” and really work to enhance and improve articles, with very little of what’s called “editing wars”. And there seems to be a very robust automated review of articles with a view to ensuring that they are backed up with references and a neutral point of view. Hence my great desire to read that material you’ve offered, Bob.

    By the way, a picture of the school at its 1959-1965 location would be a nice addition to the finished article. Whatever picture is uploaded to Wikipedia, however, needs to be released to the public domain and not copyrighted … I don’t have one of my own, and I won’t just go ripping off a picture from either of these two websites (Bob’s and Roy’s). But user-created images can be uploaded to the Wikipedia library with a release to the public domain, so if anyone has a particularly sharp and good picture of the school, consider sharing it for this purpose.


    • Admin

      Bruce – I’ll gather up some pix of the school as soon as I get a chance. I’ll need to find them, and scan then edit them … so, it might be a while before I get them to you. So proceed with the article in the mean time. We can always add the pix later if they are not ready by the time the article is ready to post, etc. etc …

      The ACS pix that is in the header to this blog site, I have on my computer. You could always use it. It does not have a copyright on it – it is from the 1st Gecko Year Book. The only thing that really changed after that was in 1964 they added a 3 story building “Kennedy Hall”. Then shut the school down in 1965. All the other additions, that we see in pix of 3rd Field, were added during and after the conversion to 3rd Field.


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