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Yeager’s Small Photo Album

Bob gave me an idea so just in case anyone is interested in seeing how much I’ve aged or an introduction to my wife, Gisela, go to www.photobucket.com/krygwy-photos and see for yourself. I hope this works cause if it doesn’t it means I’m no computer geek (like some we know….Bob—–lol).

I’ll probably add a few more just for laughs.

Everyone take care and keep your knees to the wind and the rubber down.


3 comments to Yeager’s Small Photo Album

  • Admin

    Congrats KEN!! 🙂

    You are now an official GEEK!! … LOL

    Great pictures. And, what a lovely wife you have.

    However, I did notice in Pix #5 you ARE NOT drinking Ba Muoi Ba … which is a Captial Offense under the Saigon Kids Rules of Drinking … lol

    I’m not even going to ask about Pix #7 … LOL HAHAAAHHA … other then to say to give the 4th one from the left my phone number and ask her to call me … hahahahaaha

    Now see how easy that was, Ken? … almost as easy as learning to ride a motorcycle … lol

    Have a fantastic day!


  • Ken

    Interestingly enough, the photo labeled “a few of Ken’s friends” is actually from a mouse pad I bought. A shop was being prepared in a mall in Hamburg and this photo was a large poster covering the outside of the shop. When the shop opened I asked if they had smaller posters but was told no, just the mouse pads. Just goes to show you how liberal and open-minded the Germans are compared to the U.S. Mixed sauna, nude sunbathing, ahhhh, I love it. Did you notice how my eyes are crossed???? LOL.

    Regards to all – Ken

  • Admin

    Uh Huh … a mouse pad … yeah, alright .. sureeeee … hahhaahaha

    Your eyes crossed …. WHO the HECK was looking at YOUR eyes …. hahahaha …

    HMMMM … ummmm is that ‘open-minded’ OR ‘open eyed’ as in WIDE EYED …. lol

    So does this mean we can expect more of your albums of ‘mixed saunas, sunbathing, etc.’ ????

    Have a good one .. lol


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