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1960 GECKO – The First ACS Yearbook

The 1960 Gecko is now available for your viewing pleasure in our Photo Gallery.

This was the first yearbook published by American Community School. It was for the July 6, 1959 – March 31, 1960 school year.

A special thank you to Richard Emery and his wife Kathy for contributing the original of this Gecko yearbook. Kathy saw it at an estate sale and bought it. It is unknown who it originally belonged to, or how it found it’s way to the estate sales. But, somehow it travelled half way around the world to the Midwest in the USA where nearly 50 years later it returned to our Saigon Kids community.

You’ll need to login to the Photo Gallery to view it. If you have not previously Registered on the Photo Gallery – you’ll need to do so. If you have previously Registered on the Photo Gallery, but lost your Password – click on “I Forgot My Password” link on the Login screen.

I’ll be converting this yearbook (and all the yearbooks) to eBooks later. But, will first put them in the Photo Gallery so you can view them while I’m working on the eBook versions. Once converted to eBooks you’ll be able to download copies to your computer.

Enjoy! 🙂


Note: You can go to the 1960 Gecko by:

1. The Photo Gallery link on the Menu over there —>

2. The link under ACS Library on the Menu over there —>

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