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1961 GECKO – The First Teenagers Baseball Team

The 1961 Gecko is now available for your viewing pleasure in our Photo Gallery.

This was the second yearbook published by American Community School. It was for the July 5, 1960 – March 29, 1961 school year.

A special thank you to Burt Parker for contributing the original of this Gecko yearbook.

This yearbook contains the first pictures of our Teenagers ball team. This was also the year the team was formed and we played our first games. You’ll notice our ‘first string’ only had 8 players to cover 9 positions. We got creative in how we covered the field and all 9 positions.

This was also the first year Viet-namese and kids of other nationalities attended ACS. Prior to this school year ACS was made up of only American students.

The Yearbook was once again funded by the Yearbook Thanksgiving Carnival, as had been started the previous year. One of the most popular events at the carnival was “Clear the table in three and DUNK the GIRL”. Who was the ‘girl’ and how many times did she get dunked?

Who remembers the High School Christmas Dance at the Plaza?

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I’ll be converting this yearbook (and all the yearbooks) to eBooks later. But, will first put them in the Photo Gallery so you can view them while I’m working on the eBook versions. Once converted to eBooks you’ll be able to download copies to your computer.

Enjoy! :)


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2 comments to 1961 GECKO – The First Teenagers Baseball Team

  • frank

    Didn’t Steenie Fox get dunked a google of times.
    Also that year (60-61), a dance was held in August (60)…”Teahouse on an August Moon” was the theme…I think. We designed/made a really bad moon around one of the backboards. It was held in the Quonset Hut Gym. I have a picture of Cheryl and Bob dancing.
    The Christmas Dance? Yes, I remember.

    • Admin

      Frank … she SURE DID!! As I recall we ALL spent all our cash to DUNK her over and over and over and over again!!! LOL … 🙂

      Ah, yes … the Teahouse of the August Moon dance … oh, boy, can we tell some stories about that dance … when I get some time, I’ll write up a post about it …. Frank, remember all of us ‘packed’ in Dini and Veny’s dad’s car looking all over Cho Lon for ‘fish net’ to decorate the place … then we OVER DID it on how much we bought … LOL … geezzzz the entire inside of the “HUT” was covered with “fish net” … I seem to recall we made the ‘MOON” on the stage we moved to the middle of the Hut … fashioned it into sort of a pagoda kind of thing … LOL … That sure was a “BLAST” !!!!

      Frank email me any pictures you have of our “MOON” dance … lol … I’ve got a few also. I’ll post them to the Blog and Photo Gallery.

      Frank who was you date for the dance? I took Cheryl, but she got ‘upset’ with me because I was dancing too much with Dini … leaving her sitting on the sideline … Geezzz … how ‘bad’ of me … Oh, that’s right … they did call me “Big BAD Bob” back in those days … LOL 🙂

      Rock on … Charlie Brown


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