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1963-64 Memorabilia

Hi Everyone,

It is a beautiful day here in Carmel Valley and we are in full swing with harvest (I work for a winery now – seemed like a good idea). Grapes are arriving at the rate of 20 to 40 tons a day and we are crushing and pressing for long hours. Due to the enthusiasm of terrific Bob – Wizard of Oz – in “administration” I braved the dust in my garage this weekend and unearthed some great stuff. There is a February 22, 1964 issue of the newspaper published weekly for the Armed Forces. ANYBODY REMEMBER THE TITLE OF THIS PUBLICATION? Obviously, I know. The headline was Terrorist Bomb at Movie Kills Three; Heroic Marine Capt. Saves Many More. I also uncovered four issues of the Bamboo Beacon dated Oct. 31, 1963; April 29, 1964; Feb. 4, 1964; and June 11, 1963. I also found program for the Graduation Exercises for the Class of 1963 which included Robert H. Adams, Jr., Alfred Hau, Betty Johnston, Jacqueline Ellen Pray, Genie Ann Ross, Trinh David, and William Wagner. Diplomas were presented by Brigadier General Milton Adams, Asst. Chief of Staff MAC-V. There are lots of photos of ACHS kids and school activites and, finally, an invitation addressed to Miss Alice Ahlgren and Mr. Michael Cooper to attend a movie and breakfast after the Junior-Senior Prom at the home of Brigadier General and Mrs. Carl Youngdale. And, oh yes, the name of my “missing” cheerleader was probably Suzie Adams and Marilyn’s last name was Snow. Hope this stirs up lots of memories. You can all drop by Carmel Valley and sip some wine while passing around old photos. Door’s always open!


[ Note: Thanks for a great Post – Alice In Wonderland –    🙂  … Just a friendly reminder for anyone mailing items to me. It is best to send via a shipping method with a tracking number. Such as, UPS or USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Either will have a tracking number to trace the package in the event it gets mis-routed by the carrier. Thanks – The Wizard – in Admin.   🙂     ]

19 comments to 1963-64 Memorabilia

  • Admin

    WAY TO GO … ALICE!!! 🙂

    Yes, please send these “Treasures” on so we can add them to the growning pile of memorabilla …

    Ahh .. the missing cheerleader … I bet she ran off with the captain of the ball team … ha ha ha 🙂

    Hmmmm … name of newspaper ….hmmmm … anyone got any guesses???

    Just a note to everyone mailing items to me. It is best to send them by a shipping method that is trackable. Such as UPS or USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation Service. Either, will have a tracking number to trace the package, in the event it gets mis-routed by the carrier,etc.

    Great Post – Alice In Wonderland – and lots of goodies too …. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with us.


  • Admin

    The Wizard to Wonderland … Alice, DO NOT let Frank near the wine!!! He’ll drink the last 10 years harvest … LOL 🙂

  • Ken Berger

    Alice: Is it the Stars and Stripes? I remember well our graduation – it was very special for all of us. I probably have some photo’s in the basement I can dig out an contribute. Sorry to hear about your dad. I talked to Paul R a few years ago when he was here in DC and got caught up on he and Lynn’s life. Anyone heard or seen Eric Collier or Larry Moses? What about Molly Greene who was very active a number a years ago? Remember the “Collegians”. Take care, Ken Berger

  • aliceahlgren

    Hey Ken,

    Good to hear from you. Nope, not the “Stars and Stripes”. But that’s a really good guess. What have you been up to all these years? Lynn and Paul broke up ages ago. I don’t even know where he is. Larry Moses surfaced years back and then totally disappeared. Haven’t heard anything about Eric or Molly but am hoping more kids will surface on this site. Alice

  • Ken

    Alice, when you wrote about a General Adams being a guest speaker, the name stuck…didn’t he have a daughter (oh God, here we go again) with big hair? I remember escorting her home one evening. I have a photo of her as well and will post it soonest. In addition to a first name, any idea of where is is today? Not even gonna try to Google the name Adams…..

    Most of the names you mention in your writeup are unfamiliar to me but that was during the time I was in Dalat. Still I enjoyed the writeup and I agree, we should all search the bassement for memories….As a traveling Army brat and then later in the Foreign Service, we have a habit of tossing things every 2 to 3 years, but NOT MY PICS….More on the way. Ken

  • RandySeely

    There was another newspaper published in Saigon at the time…the ‘Times of Saigon,’ which was in English. Could that be the one?? Randy

  • Admin

    Ken said “I remember escorting her home one evening. ”

    Geezzzzz Ken was there any girl in Saigon you did not ‘escort’ home??!! I’m beginning to think you were a professional Escort in Saigon … LOL 🙂

    Have a fantastic day … and enjoy being HOME with your loverly lady!!! :D)


  • aliceahlgren

    Hi Ken and Randy,

    Ken..that is Mary Adams you are thinking about. She and her brother, Milt, attended ACHS. Mary and I, along with Molly Greene, Sandi Hall, Marilyn Snow and my sister were varsity cheerleaders for the “Teenagers”. We looked positively adorable in our uniforms. Randy…it’s not the Times of Saigon. Keep trying….maybe I should offer a bottle of Bernardus’ best wine to whomever can come up with the name. By the way, I went from being a typist for the Bamboo Beacon in 63 to being editor in mid-64. Fast rise to fame. Alice

  • Admin

    Wizard to Wonderland … Alice, sounds like a plan a “Contest” … Name that newspaper for a bottle of the finest!!!

    Should we put up a Post announcing the “Contest” and send out a broadcast to everyone soliciting contestants … could be FUN!

    Let me know if it is a go, and I’ll ‘OZ” it into virtual reality … LOL 🙂

  • Alice Ahlgren Blackburn

    Wizard…please do post a contest. Bernardus makes a very fine Bordeaux blend, good Chardonnay, and some Pinots. You can check it out on the Bernardus website. Stir up that pot. Alice

  • Admin

    OZ to Wonderland … Alice, the Wizard is mixing the potion and stiring the pot! Ooppppps … mixed up a batch of “Love Potion #9” by accident. (Watch Frank jump on that one! … ha ha ha ). Yes, Frank it was a song … lol 🙂

    Okay, the Wizard has his Contest Pot fired up now. LOL … Geez that sounds like something from the 60s and flower power … LOL

    Alice, I bet Frank is the first one to enter this contest … since he is into “Winosis” ha ha ha Frank wine is too classy for the North Shore … PRIMO man PRIMO is the only thing allowed at Pipe Line … LOL

    …. the Wizard has gone to OZZZZZZ

  • Ken

    Alice, thanks for the name….Mary Adams. Don’t remember too much about her but since her dad was a general and mine a sargeant, I obviously played the part of a gentleman. Seriously, don’t remember a lot…anyway, thanks so much for the info. I bet you could identify a few more. I’ll try to post some photos in the Layson SKs photo album and see if anyone can tell me who she is.

    Hugs – Ken

  • Ken

    Ok photos loaded. Help!!!

  • Admin

    Way to go Ken … I left comments to your pictures, in the Photo Gallery … 🙂


  • Admin

    Ken… it ain’t my photo album/gallery … its ‘the Saigon Kids! … 🙂


  • Admin

    OZ to Wonderland … White Rabbit … Ken NEEDS your help to ID … MORE … of his lost lovely ladies … you could help him …. OR … you could just let him suffer … wondering wondering wondering … “Who Was She????” …. hahahahahaah ROFL …

    Wizard of inspriation from OZ 🙂

  • Alice Ahlgren Blackburn

    Ken…the young lady in the plaid skirt is Sherry Penney.

    [White Rabbit, please leave a comment under the pix in the Gallery ID’ing her … well, maybe I should look and see if you already did first … lol … Wizard ]

  • Admin

    Ahhhhh …. White Rabbit knows ALL!!! … 🙂


  • Leila Tvedt

    Hi, y’all. Just joined and am enjoying the conversation. Anybody remember what happened to the teachers from 62-64? I remember Mrs. Ahlgren and Mark Harpole. Others?

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