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5th Anniversary

by Admin (ACS)

It was 5 years ago today, April 21st, that I launched this site.


Where did the time go. It seems like just yesterday. Doesn’t it?!

When I created the site, I had no idea it would grew into what it has become today. At the time I just thought it would be cool to have a blog where we could interact with each other a little better then with just a static website.

Well, interact we have, to put it mildly!

I hope everyone continues to enjoy the blog, reconnecting with friends from Saigon, and staying connected.

Over the next year we’ll be releasing several Saigon Kids projects that are currently in the works or on the drawing board.

Thank you for your support and contributions to the site. Your efforts are very much appreciated by all Saigon Kids.

Keep the good times roll’n …

Rock Onnn… Saigon Kids 🙂


Share your memories, experiences and stories of your days in Saigon.

You can submit your stories and photographs by using the
*Contact Form*.


7 comments to 5th Anniversary

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    One seemingly advantage of living in Germany is that I am six hours ahead of the east coast of the US and thus, I get to give my 2 Cents worth of comment first. Bob, I/we, the SKs have said it before…THANK YOU for all of your work on this site. It has been a great instrument to reconnect and relive those wonderful times in Saigon. I am so glad to know that the “kids” in knew in Saigon are, for the most part, alive, well and enjoying life and happy to have reconnected with the other SKs out there. You made it happen and what can one say but to repeat, THANK YOU.

    With respect and best regards – Ken

  • Mimi

    Hello kids,
    Yes thank you so much Bob for the time and energy you give to that blog. I just re-read some of the old posts(the one on 33 beer is one of the most memorable-lol-)and I,ve been laughing out loud by myself, and Robert in my back is asking “what,what?” as if one could explain what to a non-Saigon-kid. lol.
    I am in France at the moment, about to see some of your “french girls”, Bob, as we now try to meet once a year on the french riviera where many of them live or have family. I’ll kiss them for you!
    This made me wonder when your next meeting is, if there is one in the plans.I have a longing to seeing you guys, it’s been so long!
    Till then, take good care of yourselves.
    Big hugs to all. Mimi

    • Helloooo Mimi! – 🙂

      Good to hear from you. WISH I WAS THERE!! with all you wonderful *French Girls* – LOL – 🙂 – Robert is a lucky man! – LOL.

      You know how *special* you girls were to me (and still are). Oh, the memories of our days in Saigon – 🙂

      Send pictures of the Riviera (and all the lovely French girls too – lol).

      Take care and enjoy visiting with all our French friends. Maybe I’ll stop by next year, if I’m in the area – 🙂 – as I do miss you all dearly.

      No plans for a SK reunion at the moment, but there is some talk of getting one together sometime in the future. Maybe like February 2015 (50 years after the American Community School in Saigon was close – February 1965).

      Let the good time roll …

      BIG HUGS to you and all the girls!! – 🙂


      Ahh, yes … 33 – lol – 🙂

  • Mimi

    I do not want to disppoint you Bob, but the lovely french girls are now more than 50 years older-lol- but of course we are still lovely in our heads if not

    2015 is a long way …why does nt someone organize something, even smaller, sooner?

    • Mimi – Ah yes, like a fine french wine that gets better and sweeter with each passing year … lol … you lovely french girls are still younger then me! Of course, I never aged I still look like I’m 16 y/o … cuz I got a *magic mirror* … ha ha ha …

      Okay, guess I’m not going to get any pictures of you gals … soooooooo … how about sending some pictures of some of those *sweet young* things on the beach there … LOL.

      Umm … I dunno why someone doesn’t organize something sooner. When you figure that one out, let me know too! LOL – 🙂

      Rock Onnn … 🙂


  • Maile Doyle

    I will add my thanks to you, Bob, for your efforts to not only create this vehicle, but also the stamina to keep it going!!! And, Ken, thank you also for your postings in our weekly newsletter. I do read them all even when I don’t respond.
    No one but these friends can truly understand what made such a difference in our lives by what we experienced as teenagers in Vietnam in those early days.

    Again, THANKS!!

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