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*A Day In The Life: Saigon 1955–1965*


Thank you to those Saigon Kids who have submitted their story of *Before Saigon*. Your contribution to this project is very much appreciated.

If your story has not appeared on the site yet, it is being processed for posting to the site. We’re processing all stories based on *first received, first posted to site*.

If you’ve not yet written your *Before Saigon* story and submitted it, please do it as soon as possible.

While several stories have been submitted we need many, many more. In fact the more the better, as the purpose of this project is to document *our* experiences — something that to date has not been done; and, lets face it we’re getting short on time with each year we grow older.

We each had a different experience unique to *only us*. Our individual experiences make up our overall experience as a group.

For years all I’ve heard is nobody has documented Saigon Kids, nobody has documented us, nobody has documented us … WILL NOW’s YOU CHANCE to be part of documenting our experience as Saigon Kids … WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!

Start writing before you’re too dead to write – 🙂

Ya get my point?! I sure hope so …

<<< stepping down from my soap box now >>>


In a couple weeks we’ll be moving on to Phase 2 of the project *Saigon Arrival*. I’ll let you know when it is time to start submitting stories for Phase 2 by posting an outline similar to the one for Phase 1.

Again, thank you to those Saigon Kids who have already contributed your Phase 1 stories.

Rock Onnn …


8 comments to *A Day In The Life: Saigon 1955–1965*

  • Gene Weinbeck

    Bob, I’ve already written my “Before” article, but you might remind the rest of us what this was about and give some links to some of the past articles that others can read to get a sense of what to write about.


  • Cathie McIntyre

    Hi Bob,
    Before Saigon (we arrived Oct 1959 my family lived in Charles Town, WVA, near Harpers Ferry. Our father was in private practice as one of the town’s doctors. He accepted the assignment to Saigon as one of the first Dept. of State doctors assigned to a US embassy. When Mom and Dad told us we were moving to Vietnam, they needed to open an atlas to show us where it was. They made the move sound like a great adventure — and it was — so the three of us, Lynn, Susan, and I — looked forward to living in Vietnam.

  • brooks

    thanks for giving us an update on how this project is going, bob.
    i spent some wonderful time sifting back through my memories and getting them down to send off to the group.
    nice to know they’ll be up on the SK site at some point.

    and, again, many thanks for keeping us all linked together in this wonderful way.
    i know it’s both time consuming and a labor of love. reminding you that your efforts are greatly appreciated.


  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Looking forward to reading other Kids’ memories of “Before Saigon.” Thanks for keeping us connected and sharing our common experiences….some similar, others, not so much. But all in Saigon, a city of beauty, intrigue and memories.
    Glad you are feeling better and able to keep the projects a-comin’!

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