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Alhambra Theater: 1956 World Series

by Gene Taylor

I remember (1956) the World Series being shown, inning-by-inning, at the Alhambra. Was on 16 mm film.

I was very bored as a 9 year-old but my father and brother got to see Don Larsen’s perfect game.

Very small American community at that time and the Air Force pilots were always asked to bring back a movie to watch – one that we hadn’t seen 3 or 4 times.

3 comments to Alhambra Theater: 1956 World Series

  • Mary Timmes Shanabruch

    While the Alhambra was still being used as our theater, I remember seeing the first of the Bond films in someone’s home. Does anyone remember being there? I know several of us saw it together.

  • don schaudt

    remember me? if not check your saigon yearbook—-I found your Alhambra theater comment on the internet. Can’t believe how many years have gonebye since our fun years in Vietnam. I’m married (second time around)–have 1 son 2 step daughters 6 grandkids. Hope all is well with your family— I graduated from college and served 6 years in the Army. Hope to retire in 2-3 years. I live in Urbana il– using the library computer since mine died. Hope you will respond. I have kept in touch with Terry Clower and Ken Yeager—we all went to school in Dalat Viet after Saigon. Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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