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American Community School – Now In Wikipedia

Our American Community School in Saigon has now joined the ranks of the world’s largest encyclopedia – Wikepedia.

The article documents the history of ACS from the early days of home schooling through closing of the school in 1965, conversion to 3rd Field Hospital to present day usage of the compound buildings.

While Bruce was compiling the article several factual discoveries where made about the history of our school. The main discovery was the current usage of the facilities. Up until now, most information indicated the old school and hospital complex was now the War Remnants Museum. This proved to be false. The facilities are now occupied by the 7th Military Zone museum of the People’s Army of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, documented at this web site – CLICK HERE.

You can view the American Community School In Saigon Wikipedia entry by CLICKING HERE.

I’ve also added a link to the Menu, here on the Blog, which will take you the Wikipedia article. Roy has added a link on our Saigon Kids web site, also.

We as Saigon Kids owe a debt of gratitude to Bruce for volunteering his time and efforts to researching and compiling this factual history of our beloved school.

Bruce has also agreed to monitor future editing of the article. The “Talk” (discussion) feature has been enabled should you have additional ‘factual’ documented information to add about the school.

Please keep in mind that Wikipedia is not the place for accounts of personal experiences and/or information which can not be supported by factual documentation. When submitting information to add to the article you must also submit ‘reference sources’ which document the new information as factual. Only information of a ‘constructive’ nature will be added to the article.

Bruce, on behalf of all Saigon Kids, I thank you for taking on and completing this project. You’re efforts are very much appreciated.

As always, you are welcome to leaver your Comments below.


4 comments to American Community School – Now In Wikipedia

  • Sandy Hanna

    Thank you for your research and the entry of this information. I wondered how many elementary school children were there at the times you indicated high school students. I was in the fifth and sixth grade from ’60-’62. It was very interesting reading about the history of the school and greatly appreciated.

  • Sandy, you picked up immediately on some of the frustration I went through in having “pieces and parts” of information … and trying in spite of that to weave a narrative from information that was readily available for one point in time and not for another, and from disparate sources. I hope that as you and others see these imperfections, someone with a reliable source for the missing information will make it known. Thanks for commenting on the story I wove (and thanks to Bob, Ken Yeager, and Mike Erickson for sharing freely of their time and historic files).

  • Mike Erickson

    Thank you for your efforts and mentioning my school, Bruce. It is very difficult to find documentary information about our schools (even more so for my school because we did not have yearbooks). I sent Bob a wonderful article I came across from the New York Times that discusses the Saigon American community and your school in 1964. Perhaps Bob can send it to you if he received it. If he didn’t, tell me and I will send it you. Might be a good supplemental source for your Wikipedia entry.

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