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American Community School Saigon Transcripts?

by Kathy (Conner) Dobronyi – (ACS)

Does anyone know how Saigon Kids can access transcripts from ACHS or ACS?

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3 comments to American Community School Saigon Transcripts?

  • Kathy – I don’t know that it is possible at this point in time. I think it would depend on the time a Saigon Kid attended American Community School; and, which University High School Correspondence Course the school was using at that particular point, as well as, what grade they were in. At times the elementary grades used courses from different correspondence sources then the upper grades used. Also, it is my understanding that once the school became accredited the name was changed to American Community High School at which point it ceased to use correspondence courses.

    I know when I was at ACS (1959-61) the High School used High School Correspondence Courses from the University of California (Berkeley – I think), but our assignments and tests were mailed to someplace in Maryland for grading and than returned to ACS.

    It is my understanding that during the school’s history, it was administered through the American International Schools system, which is still in existence. You might try contacting them for information to point you in the right directions.


  • Kevin L. Wells

    This is just a lead for you to follow and may not work but….

    Why not try to charm the records out of the school you went to subsequent to ACS?

    This may work easily if it was a US High School and you send a letter to the high school. Some schools have online requests, and some still operate through the US Postal Service. There may be a small fee involved.

    Technologies have changed over the years, and my own college records are in three separate technologies, but schools respond to transcript requests so why not try that?

    Be prepared to wait because I doubt that your HS records will be in the box on the top of the stack!

    Who knows, they may have been transferred from paper to microfilm and then on to PDFs on an optical disk.


  • Kathy Conner Dobronyi

    I’ll try that Kevin, but there may be a problem. In 7th grade I went to three different schools in — ACS, Lilian Drive Elementary in Hazlet, NJ and Anawan Jr. High in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

    Attended numerous schools before attending Harrison HS in Colorado Springs where I spent approximately three years before transfering in November of my senior year to Palo Verde HS in Tucson.

    Will contact TUSD to see if they still have my final school transcript. I graduated in 1969.

    I’ll also see what comes up when I contact American International Schools.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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