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American Community School Year Books and Class Rings?

submitted by: David H. Miller

I wonder if you can help me or give me some information.

My brother graduated from American Community School in 1964, but he had to leave Vietnam and he never got his year book or class ring.

So I was wondering who I can contact in helping him get these items.

[ Admin Note: To my knowledge the year books were printed locally in Saigon, hence there are no available sources to obtain copies from at this time. During my days at ACS (1959-61) we didn’t have class rings. I don’t know if they were available after I left. Does anyone else recall if the school ever had class rings?

PS: If there is enough interest and demand from Saigon Kids, I can arrange for reprints of the year books. It will run about $500 in set up costs; and, about $50-$80 per book for reprints (depending on the number of pages in the book). Plus, it will take around 60-80 man hours of editing and formatting to prepare masters of each book to comply with reprinting specifications, etc. Outsourcing the preparation of the masters would cost around $400 per year book. Bottom line: Upfront costs would run $2,000 to $3,000 to make the year books available for purchase at $50-$80 each. There would have to be *at least* 150 Saigon Kids purchase a year book to justify the investment of time and expense of making reprints available. But, it can be done. Let me know in the Comments section below if you are interested in pursuing it.]

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