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Are We Dirty Sneaky Weasel Cheating Worms For Doing This?!

Can you believe this?! Some people are now calling me (and my JV Partner, Jon) dirty sneaky weasel cheating worms. I mean ME!! Who has always strictly adhered the the uncompromising ethics and highest moral standards of *The Clods*.

Let me tell you what’s happened.

You know how since we started our Saigon Kids blog site, some of you have often mentioned how marveled you are at how rapidly I’m sometimes able to locate people and information on the Internet for posting on the blog.

Well, I have a confession to make …

I have a *secret* toy (oh, sorry tool) – well actually, several – that I often use for researching on the Internet.

You see, I’ve always believed that computers should *work for me* – they should do most of the work (instead of me) – after all isn’t that what they were created for?  So, I’m always looking for ways to make them *work harder* for me and do *more work* for me – so I don’t have to do the work and have more time for ME.

Make sense?!

Anyway, a couple years ago my partner Jon contacted me saying, “you’ve got to see this”. (He’s always working on some project that he keeps under wraps until he has it perfected.) “Yeah, okay , Jon send it over I’ll take a look at it.”

The next day I got it and uploaded it to my computer. Then I opened the file – AND, MY JAW DROPPED!!! I gotta tell ya, it takes A LOT to drop my jaw!

About that time Jon contacts me saying, “Well, what do you think?”

“Freak’n unbelievable!”, was all I could think of to say. I was speechless.

Then he causally mentions, “That’s only the prototype version 1.0. I’ll have the final version 2.0 ready in a couple months.”

A few months later he sends me the final 2.0 version. Again, I was totally blown away. Since then I’ve been using the heck out of it to *work my computer* like a slave.

But, Jon being a perfectionist, version 2.0 just wasn’t good enough. So he has been tweaking it, refining it and making it better and better.

We are in the final stages of Beta testing version 3.0 for release in mid-January.

Over the New Year week end I got to thinking this might make a nice New Year gift for Saigon Kids who might want to play around with it while it’s still in Beta testing.

I’ve set up a website with a short video of Jon demonstrating it.

In the video he only has time to show a small portion of what you can actually do with it. You can do 100’s more things with this little toy (opps, sorry tool).

So, if you want to learn how you can make your computer do all the work – instead of you doing all the work …

Click Here

Watch the video then if you want to play around with it, grab a Free copy of it. Download it and install it on your computer … and HAVE FUN with it!!

It is totally FREE for you to use any way you want while it is still in Beta testing.

(Beta testing for you non-geeks out there means we’ve got a bunch of people using it and testing it every which way from Sunday to work the bugs out of it and tweak it before final release.)

Go grab your FREE copy as my New Year gift to you.

Guaranteed your jaw will hit the floor when you see what this can do.

Have fun …


PS: In a couple of days I’ll add a list of a 101 ways you could use this that are not shown in the video.

PPS: After you grab your Free copy and play around with it, be sure to come back here to *leave your comments below* saying what you think about it … and, answer this question:

*Are we dirty sneaky weasel cheating worms for using this – or – are we simply working smarter instead of harder by using it?*

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