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Art Driscoll Joins Blog

Art Driscoll of the ACS class of 1963 and 1964 has join our Blog.

Welcome Art!! Great to have you here.    🙂

Everyone give Art a BIG WELCOME!

Art, feel free to make Posts and leave Comments to other peoples Posts. I’m sure everyone would be happy to hear about you experiences and memories of Saigon and ACS – if you want to share them.

Also, you might want to subscribe to the Newsletter – the subscribe link in on the Menu over there on the right side of the page —->

Again, great having you join us!


11 comments to Art Driscoll Joins Blog

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    The name Art Driscoll rings a bell but I don’t know why. Art, do you remember me at all? Ken Yeager

  • Art Driscoll

    Same as you Ken. “rings a bell”. I’ll look you up in Gecko 63-64

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Art, you won’t find me in the 63-64 Gecko…I was there from 61-62 as a Sophmore. Senior year was in Dalat. Ken

    • Kenneth R. Yeager

      Mark me down as an idiot…I was a Junior in the 61-62 year, not a Sophmore…perhaps I acted like one but was a fully qualified Junior.

  • Maile Doyle

    Art, I think our fathers were stationed together at some point. My dad was Frank D. Miller, West Point class of 1938. We were in Saigon 1961-63, so it wasn’t then.

    Maile Miller Doyle

  • I remember Artie Driscoll well…wasn’t he shot the same day that President Kennedy was killed. His Father was the Provist Marhall. He hung around with the Lucas boys, Tim and Rick Malloy, Johnny Barr. Talk, dark haired good looking boy , wore glasses I believe.

  • Art Driscoll

    Hey Tish. Wasn’t shot. I was with your brother Tim or Rick, that nigh and was stabbed in the abdomen that same night. Remember you well. I’m still tall, no hair and wear contacts. Great to hear from you.

    • Dave

      Artie Driscoll, I’m David Burford, my older brother Ned used to hang around with you I believe back in say ’62 – ’63 timeframe. Unfortunately Ned passed away in Feb 2012, lung cancer. You may know my sister, Pat, as well. She’s doing well in Bixby, OK. Did you get a new bright red Itom (?) motor bike back then? Hope you’re doing well. David B.

  • Marie Perry Wright

    Artie….Often wondered if you had “survived” after your crazy days in Saigon! great to see you here…very sad to tell you that Bill Federer died a few years ago of cancer…but he led a valiant fight and was so courageous. Hope you are well…take care,

    • Dave

      Hi Marie!
      David Burford here, I believe you used to pal around with my sister, Pat? She’s doing well in Bixby, OK. Where are you living, hope all is well. I used to pal around with Alain, your brother, right? last I knew, many years ago, Alain was living in France, how’s he doing. You also knew Ned, my older brother, unfortunately he died of lung cancer back in Feb of 2011. I still remembeer the old Buick your family had in Saigon, then sold it and got a Ford Falcon back in ’63 or so. We remember the strangest things don’t we? I’m recently retired and living near Melbourne, FL. Hope you’re still purusing this site. David B.

  • Renee Daniels King

    Art…Glad you found me at this site…Hello to Tish…How are your brothers?…And Marie…Sorry to hear about Bill…He was a great guy…Do you know what happened to Johnny?…On Peoplefinder I saw where a John M. Barr died in 2004…It may have been him…Also wonder what happened to Linda Barr…Hope all is well with everyone!

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