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Blogging Tips – How To Post Pictures To Blog

Including pictures in your blog post is very easy. Just follow these steps. (This may be a little basic for some of you more experienced computer users.)

1. You CAN NOT post pictures directly from your computer. Pictures you want to post MUST BE stored on the Internet. Why you ask? Because in order for your post to be able to ‘get the picture’ and make it ‘visible’ in your blog post it must have ‘access’ to the picture. If the picture is stored on your computer your post has no way to gain access to the files on your computer where the picture is stored. Hence, you must first move your picture to a storage file on the Internet where it can be accessed.

2. Storing pictures on the Internet is very easy. There are many free photo sharing/storage sites where you can upload your pictures and store them. A couple of the more popular ones are:



Or, just do a Google search to find more places.

Also, most ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) include 10 or 20 MB of free web space, which you can use to store pictures on too. So, check your ISP account.

Whatever photo storage site you decide to use, just follow their instructions for ‘uploading’ your pictures from your computer to the site. They make it very easy to do.

3. Once you’ve uploaded your picture to the Internet, go to the Blog and “Login”.

4. Once Logged In, click on “Write A New Post”. This will take you to the page where you type your blog Posts.

5. Type in the “Title” of your post in the “Title Box”.

6. Now look at the ‘Tool Bar’ across the top of the “Post” Editor. In the top row of Icons (little pictures) on the Tool Bar you’ll see a picture (Icon) of a ‘TREE’ (green grass, brown tree trunk, green leaves on tree, blue sky behind tree). If you hold your mouse pointer over it, it will say “Insert/Edit Image”. Click on this Icon and it will open the “Insert/Edit Image” dialog box.

7. In the “Insert/Edit Image” dialog box you’ll see “Image URL” with a white space box to the right. Enter the URL of where your picture is stored on the Internet. The URL will look like a web site address. In fact it is a web site address. Say you have your squirrel picture stored on Flickr.com. The place on the Flickr web site where your squirrel picture is stored would have an address (URL) of something like this:


How do you find the URL of the picture you want to post to the Blog, you ask? Just go to Flickr.com, go to the ‘thumbnail’ of the picture of your squirrel. Click on the thumbnail to open the picture. Now you’ll see the full size picture on your screen. Now look in your Browser’s address bar. The URL of the picture will be showing there. Just copy that URL.

Type in an “Image Description”.

Click “Insert” at the bottom of the Dialog Box.

The Dialog Box will now close, and you should see your squirrel picture showing in the Post Editor.

Left click your mouse to the right of the picture.

Now hit the “Enter” key on your Keyboard.

Now type the text part of your Post under the picture.

Click ‘Submit For Review”

You’re done! 🙂

Note: For best viewing pictures should be a maximum size of 300 x 300 pixels. If you don’t know what that means. Don’t worry about it.

Please don’t include more then 2 pictures per blog post (3 if they are small pictures).

For some of you less experienced computer users, this may sound a bit hard at first. It’s not! Just do it a few times and it will be just as easy as typing a Post.

As always you are welcome to leave your Comments below.


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