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Bo Diddley – R and B Legend – Passes Away

This week Bo Diddley passed away. He was a R & B legend coming on the music scene during the 1950’s with his unique style of music. He never became a super star during his life. But, he was a major influence to many other musicians and several Super Stars, such as Buddy Holley, the Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Canned Heat, the Beatles, … the list goes on and on.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s I saw him in live concerts six times. He was an awesome performer. He knew how to get the audience rocking and not stop rocking. At the end of all six concerts the audience called him back for at least one encore, and many times two. I remember one concert at the HIC in Honolulu, Hawaii he did three encores, and the crowd still wanted more … the MC finally had to announce that he was just too tired to go on. He had been playing for a little over 2 hours solid, non stop at that point. Not wanting to disappoint the crowd, he came back out on stage , and personally announced he would be doing a free concert the next afternoon at the Waikiki Band Shell. And he did!

What does Bo Diddley have to do with Saigon, you ask? During 1959 a bunch of us guys would hang out over at Frank Stoddard’s house, eat munchies, drink soda and play records, in the afternoons. One of the albums we always played a lot was … Bo Diddley … I’m A Man … album.

For old memories and in honor of one of Rock n Rolls masters, here’s a recording of … I’m A Man

Note: Frank I still have this album in my oldies collection, and it is the SAME album we used to play at your house in Saigon, back in 1959 🙂


2 comments to Bo Diddley – R and B Legend – Passes Away

  • frank stoddard

    Bob, I always remember and associate you with Bo Diddley music…especially “I’m A Man”. I always think of you when I hear his music. Interesting how some of these memories are so strong. The day he died, I brought you up in my conversation with my wife Susan. Take Care Bud, Frank

  • Admin

    Yeah, I know what ya mean Frank about how interesting some of our memories are … and ‘the things’ we remember … that really didn’t seem like anything special at the time … lol … I bet ya remeber this one too .. “Say Man .. what’s that? .. I saw your woman last night .. yeah? .. she was so ugly she had to sneak up on the glass to get a drink! .. Bo Diddley .. Bo Diddley … where ya been ? .. Around the world and back again … ” … LOL It is interesting that Bo Diddley was the ‘first rapper’ … “Say Man” back then was just considered ‘jive’ … lol … but as time went on, and ‘rapper’ music came into being … “Say Man” and Bo Diddley have become considered the roots of ‘rap music’ … who would have thought that way back then in Saigon we were kicked back at your house listening to Bo Diddley and what 40 years later would become Rap Music … sweeping the Nation … LOL … Awwwww, Life is GOOD!! 🙂


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