April 2021
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Saigon Kids™ Stories: The Woodland Santa

What good son does not try to fulfill his mother’s wishes? I resolved to be there the Friday after Thanksgiving to buy my mother a Woodland Santa. I had no idea about the appearance of a Woodland Santa but that would be addressed when I got there. […]

Saigon Kid Stories: System Is Down

by Kevin Wells (ACS)

It was the Spring of 1981, and CICS and dumb terminals ruled the data processing world. Being the New Guy where I worked, I got a old one, a VT-30.

How old was it? It was so old it glowed in the dark. I think even the logic circuits were vacuum […]

Saigon Kids Stories: Sturzenacker

by Kevin Wells (ACS)

Some names herein have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty.

Back in the View Nam War era, the US Army had counterintelligence agents assigned to each major post and many smaller ones. The military occupational specialty was changed in the mid-1970s and all those remaining folks […]

Saigon Kids Stories: The Great Clemson Group Streak (GCGS) of 1975

by Kevin Wells (ACS)

The period between my arrival in Saigon during November 1959 and my departure in May 1962 was among the most memorable periods in my life. There are, however, other days with fond and vivid memories.

After Saigon, after high school, and after the Army years, was my time at Clemson University. […]

Saigon Kids Stories – The Trip Home: How To Explain RVN

by Kevin Wells (ACS)

We left Saigon in early May 1962 with both a feeling of loss and a feeling of anticipation.

The first stop was Manila. In some ways, Manila was like the US, only more so. The motorcycle police officers had motorcycle officers uniforms, but in some way, more so. The jodhpurs […]