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Saigon Kids Stories: Virgina Wilson-King (PSG)

by Virgina “Ginny” Wilson-King Phoenix Study Group Saigon (1968-1974)

I lived in Saigon in 1968 when I was 18 months old. We lived up by the racetrack. When the Tet offensive happened, my mother and I hid in a crawl space behind the stove. Since I was so little they had to drug me so […]

True Confessions: Saigon Kid’s True Adventure Stories (Chapter 6)

The RED SPOT Incident – by Kevin Wells

If you’ve not read this story on our Blog – YOU NEED TOO!!!

This is a MUST READ if you are a true Saigon Kid!!!

CLICK HERE – then brace yourself – LOL – 🙂

Who’s next with a True Saigon Kid Adventure Story?

It’s okay to […]

True Confessions: Saigon Kid’s True Love Stories (Chapter 5)

As Saigon Kids we all ‘came from some place’ to Saigon. Most of us left a boy friend or girl friend ‘behind’ wherever we came from before arriving in Saigon. Most of us found a ‘new love’ shortly after arrival in Saigon. And, some of us found our ‘first love’ in Saigon. Ahhh, such sweet […]

True Confessions: Saigon Kid’s True Adventure Stories (Chapter 4)

Burt aks: “Um, Bob, what do you say you start a thread about our classmates ‘nefarious’ deeds while at ACS? I volunteer to start it off…”

Hmmm … nefarious deeds????? Would this be True Confessions of extremely wicked, abominable, iniquitous, atrociously villainous, execrable, and detestably vile … deeds?!

WARNING: Ladies and the weak of heart […]

True Confessions: Saigon Kid’s True Adventure Stories (Chapter 3)

As a kid in Saigon did you play the currency market trading US$ for Piasters to maximize your very nominal weekly allowance … generally provided by your parents, based on how much cash “they thought” you needed to get by on?

While living in the States I was always able to do all kinds of […]