April 2024
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How To Copy and Paste On Your Computer

I constantly run across too many computer users who don’t know how to copy and paste.

In fact, just this past week I learned that several Saigon Kids don’t know how to Copy and Paste on their computers.

So, I thought I’d post this video tutorial for those of you who might want to learn […]

Saigon Kid Frederika Dean asks

Frederika asked about how to do the following. So, I thought I’d answer her questions with a post in case others of you are wondering about the same things.

– How do I access my profile page? (I’m fairly new at this.)

– Also, I would like to make a comment […]

How To Change Or Update Your Email Address and Contact Information

In order to keep receiving your copy of the Saigon Gecko Newsletter it is important you keep your email address and contact information up to date and current.

To update your email address or contact information scroll down to the bottom of the Newsletter where you’ll find:

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit: http://www.aweber.com/(followed […]

How To Protect Email Addresses

When including email addresses in Posts or Comments here on our blog it is *important* to cloak them so email harvesters can’t grab them.

Unfortunately, there are people who harvest email addresses on the Internet. Generally to use for malicious purposes, such as, selling them to spammers, or hackers, or people who spread viruses and […]

Are We Dirty Sneaky Weasel Cheating Worms For Doing This?!

Can you believe this?! Some people are now calling me (and my JV Partner, Jon) dirty sneaky weasel cheating worms. I mean ME!! Who has always strictly adhered the the uncompromising ethics and highest moral standards of *The Clods*.

Let me tell you what’s happened.

You know how since we started our Saigon Kids […]