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Deja Vu: Vietnam Part 5 (Tan Son Nhut USAF Base)

We continue with Part 5 of the 16 part series Deja Vu: Vietnam. The series of videos is made using Google Earth to focus in on various parts of Saigon and surrounding areas of Vietnam. Then overlaid with video footage filmed in 2007 with ‘fade backs’ of videos and photos going back to various time points in prior years. Some all the way back to 1882 Saigon.

Now in Part 5 we’ll continue along Republic Street to Tan Son Nhut USAF Base and the surrounding areas of Radomes, Hotel-3, Camp Alpha, R & R Processing Center, Base Exchange, 7th Air Force HQ area, 509th Radio Research Group, evacuation point before the fall of Saigon, 224th Aviation Battalion Aviation Maintenance Office and Davis Station. Then with each of the following parts of the series we’ll move toward and into the central city area of Saigon and Cholon. Then travel to areas outside of Saigon and back to Tan Son Nhut Airport for departure from Vietnam.

Each of us lived in Saigon at different times during the years from the mid-1950’s to 1975. Because of the span of time we lived in Saigon, different parts of the series will mean more to each of us … but, they will all trigger memories and experiences of your time in Saigon.

Enjoy …

A Born To Wander Production

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far as we’ve visited the airport and surrounding areas. Next we’ll be traveling to the central city area of Saigon and Cholon. I’m sure the next few parts of the series will really bring back some memories of your time in Saigon.

As always please feel free to leave your Comments below and share the memories and experiences this brings back to you … about your time in Saigon.

Stay tuned for Part 6 in a few days … to visit the Saigon central city area  🙂


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5 comments to Deja Vu: Vietnam Part 5 (Tan Son Nhut USAF Base)

  • Ken

    While I am really enjoying these views of Saigon back then, I am having a terrible time to view this particular one….It loads and only runs for 4 seconds and then stops, loads, runs 4 seconds…etc. Didn’t have any problems with the others nor with the one after this….is it me?


  • Admin

    Ken … that will happen sometimes for any of several reasons. If you are on ‘dail up’ instead of ‘a high speed connection’ (DSL,Cable, etc.) the videos will load slower because of the slower internet connection speed. Or it is sometimes caused by the amount of traffic going thru the various servers to get the video feed to you. Or, it is sometimes caused by the amount of traffic at a given time/day etc on your ISP. If you can view the others okay, then it is probably just some kind of ‘traffic jam’ on the internet and servers transmitting the video feed to you. Solutions, try rebooting by login off your ISP and login back in, try just rebooting your computer, try dumping your cache. The following is from Google Help:

    Why does the video keep stopping and starting while I’m watching it?

    If a video doesn’t play continuously, it may be due to your connection speed. You’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.

    Another possible reason for choppy video playback is that our servers are experiencing high traffic. If this is the case, there’s not much you can do. However, we are continuously adding servers to keep up with demand and improve your experience on our site.

    It’s also possible that your video download speed is slow or inconsistent. In this case, you can try pausing the video until the entire stream is downloaded and then playing the video. Occasionally, an incomplete copy of a video can get stuck in your cache and never fully download. You can re-attempt the download by clearing your browser’s cache.

    Hope this helps.


  • Carolyn Cathey Castelli

    Bob, I love these!! Can’t wait to purchase a DVD for myself, my brother and my parents!! Keep us posted when they are ready!

    • Carolyn – Thank you for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying these. The full length movie is even better. Plus, we’ll be throwing in some *surprise* bonus videos of Vietnam with the full length movie DVD.


  • Judy Plymale

    Wow…Sure enjoyed this. Wish I fully understood why I am so drawn to this country. My years there with memories of experiences and people have never left me.

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