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Diana Divers Webb Visits Blog

Diana is the sister of Judy Divers Plymale.

She is an old classmate of Ken’s from Dalat.

You can read her Comments by Clicking Here.

Judy and Diana also have another sister, Lizz, who we’ve not heard from – yet.

Welcome to our Saigon Kids blog, Diana.

Feel free to visit often and share your Saigon experiences and memories with everyone.


14 comments to Diana Divers Webb Visits Blog

  • Judy Divers Plymale

    Do you have any ideas of how I can find my house number while I was in VietNam in the early 60’s. I have the street and Bruce have been very gracious to assist me in locating the street. I woud like to get the house number if possible…Are records anywhere that would tell me the addresses of military personnel/families at that time

    • Judy – To my knowledge there are no such records available. Generally, this type of information will show up (sometimes) in papers and things our parents might have saved and family members have kept. Or, many times individuals papers and documents are given to Universities who archive them. Sometimes you run across an old telephone directory, or other types of directories or address books, etc. in the archived items. The only way to search for this kind of information is to spend hours, days, weeks or even months searching through information found on the Internet through search engines, such as Google, etc. You just never know where or who’s old papers and documents they saved something might turn up in. My experience with this approach, is that I read through 100s of papers and documents having nothing to do with what I’m looking for … but, then by accident I stumple upon something like what you are looking while searching for something completely different.

      Most Saigon Kids have found their old houses in Saigon by walking the street in the general area where they used to live while relying on their ‘foggy’ memories of the area. Or, by retracing the routes the used to travel to and from familiar place to there house (for example from the Cercle Sportiff to or from you house. Or, from Tu Do Street to or from your house.) Or, from the Palace to or from your house.) Try to recall how you’d take a taxi from your house to say the Cercle Sportiff and where you’d tell the driver to turn, etc. … as you walk the street, etc. Try to recall places you went to a lot in Saigon and the route you took to and from your house to them. Try to remember old land marks you used to use to find your way to and from your house.

      Some times SKs have found their old house is still there. But, others have found their old house is no longer there.

      Most SKs who have retuned to Saigon have found the taxi drivers, cyclo drivers, and rental car drivers today are too young to remember the “old” street names used when we lived in Saigon. So, it is a watse of money to hire them to drive you around expecting them to know where to take you, etc. You’ll have to direct them along the routes you want to travel.

      Probably the easiest thing to do would be to hire a cyclo then direct them to one end of the street you lived on, then have them drive you along it to the other end or until you locate your old house. Unless, you are into walking, then you could just take a taxi to one end of the street and walk to the other end of it until you find your house. As you travel along the street you’ll probably see some things that you remember from when you lived there, etc. which will start to tigger your memory about the location of you house, etc.

      I hope this helps – 🙂


      PS: Anyone else who has returned to Saigon have any TIPS for Judy???

  • Ken

    In the 1962-63 school year, Diana and Lizz Divers were living in Dalat with their father, Col. Divers, who, if memory serves me correctly, was the lead U.S. officer assisting at the Vietnamese military academy. Because Dalat was a relatively small school, American history and world history were taught on successive years. Diana and I needed American history to graduate in 1963, so Col. Divers volunteered to teach the class to us and Lizz was included in the class. Col. Divers was a real taskmaster, but bless his heart, was also a very nice man who put up with me and my serious lack of cooperation in class. Still, he managed to pound some history into my thick skull and I passed his final exam and graduated (by the skin of my teeth). While Diana and Lizz lived off campus (I was a boarding student), they still participated in school and evening activities. Of course, being the worthless person that I am, I immediately lost contact with them after graduation, but did succeed in reestablishing contact with Diana a year or so ago. Contact was lost when she and her family moved but am pleased to be back in contact with her again.

    • Judy Divers Plymale

      Wow! To “listen” to your recollection of my father is very special to me. You are correct, he was the lead officer. There were 5 American families assigned there to support the Academy…I can not find anyone form those families (and I have tried)
      I have made contact with some from my class at Dalat (68) and they have been very gracious in their willingess to provide information to me. In fact so many have been so helpful!!
      Do you have any information from the 60’s on the Dalat…maps…student addresses. Or could you know someone who might have such information. I want to try to find the home we lived in. Any thoughts you might have would be much appreciated

  • Judy Divers Plymale

    The time you give to those of us who want so much to chrystalize some memories of times that shaped our lives is so much appreciated. I may have to go without a street address but will explore the street…and hope for all memories to come alive re landmarks and routes. Funny that you mention the Cercle Sportiff as that is one very claear memory of mine…but spending time in water was always a past time of mine. I sure remeber the high platforms for diving (of course for me it was simply being brave enough to jump!)
    Again, thank you for the time you put into this site.your responses

  • Ken

    Judy, I am in contact with Barbara Reynoldson now Heesch. She was a Junior during the 62-63 school year. She had a younger sister Cathy and a younger brother, Charles (Chucky – Upchuck to me) who unfortunately is now deceased. If you remember the Reynoldson family I can put you in touch with Barbara. Let me know. Ken

    • Judy Divers Plymale

      Oh, yes, please let me know how to contact Barbara. Cathy was my age and afriend! I did not know about Chucky. My mom stayed in touch with their parents and years ago I remember mom mentioning that their dad died…But have heard nothing since then. I look forward to being able to make contact with them. Thanks! Judy

    • Judy Divers Plymale

      Funny…I remember his Upchuck nickname as well. For my time in Dalat, i owuld say we would be considered bfs Cathy and I spent many sleep overs at her home or mine..and of course, as two young girls Chucky was (sometimes) the bothersome brother!

  • Diana Divers Webb

    Wow, Ken, you sure do good detective work. I remember the Reynoldson in Dalat. My family use to go to a small building off from their main house in their complex in Dalat and watch the movies that were sent in by the US planes that delivered goods to the families once a month. Daddy would run the projector, the family would eat popcorn and watch these British movies. I would love to get in touch with Barbara Reynoldson to see if this is the same family and if she remembers the Divers family. Slowly but surely this list of contacts are growing thanks to your good works. Thank you for your very kind remarks about Daddy. He was a real good man. Unfortantly, he died from Agent Orange about 10 years ago. He did a lot of work with the Mountainyards near Dalat.

  • Judy Divers Plymale

    I spoke with both Barbara and Cathy at length. Wow , what a wonderful walk through old memories. It is interesting how each of us remembers different events/people. On th eother hand, there is so much the same. Yesterday’s discussions resulted in old memories “rising to the surface”. There will be more conversations and both Barbara and Cathy live in NC…my “home” state, so there will be oportunity to make personal contact, which I look forward to. Thanks Ken

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